KCON Japan is backed! KCON JAPAN x TGC show

The world's largest K culture festival "KCON JAPAN 2023" convention program will be greatly enhanced.

Korea's CJ ENM which operates Korean entertainment channel “Mnet” and video distribution service “Mnet Smart+” held “KCON JAPAN 2023” at Makuhari Messe for 3 days from 12th (Friday) to 14th (Sunday) May 2023.  

This year's KCON is one step closer to global fans through K-POP.  Based on "KCON JAPAN 2023", the convention programs were greatly expanded as a full scale Korean culture event.

The convention events in "KCON JAPAN 2023" this time is a place where all visitors can enjoy various kinds of content about K-POP, K-FOOD, and K-STORY in the largest convention hall at Makuhari Messe, Chiba prefecture. Also offered the experience content at K-Corner to all visitors in KCON, to get the latest updates about the showtime and places where you can see artists  in person on the KCON STAGE, the main stage of the convention.  

The K-culture event to all visitors who interested in K-POP and experience the Korean culture and Korean style goods such as K-cosmetics, K-fashion and K-Street Food.

In K-POP zone, you can enjoy the paper airplane event where you can fold and fly fan's letters to your favorite K-POP artists, the AR filter photo zone where you can take pictures with artists appearing in the show and a space where visitors can freely exchange the photo cards. All can even walk to meet artists at the artist booths. 

At the K-food zone, the artists will visit in person and tasted recommendations for K-FOOD preferences with the audience. The LIFESTYLE zone has a space where you can experience K-lifestyle brands and products such as beauty and fashion. 

First, Let's update the fashion shots on the runway held by TGC in KCON JAPAN this year!

Photo: inStyle Asia 

8TURN's Jae-yoon pairs an iconic gendeless pearl necklace with a light green T-Shirt with a stylish hat by new balance with a chino pants from dickies for ABC Mart x new Balance Special

Photo: inStyle Asia 

Nalu Okubo, a member of DXTEEN boys group looks pretty cool on the runway.

Photo: inStyle Asia 

KINGDOM (킹덤), a Korean boy group under GF Entertainment represents WEGO.

Photo: inStyle Asia 

8TURN's MYUNGHO pairs a New Balance logo T-Shirt with a Bohemian chic style beads necklace for ABC Mart x new Balance Special

8TURN's KYUNMIN pairs a printed T-Shirt with Dickies's denim pants for ABC Mart x new Balance Special

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