Zom Mari x NOA's new MV launched now

A Thai artist Zom Marie (ส้ม มารี) has released a new single "เท่าไหร่ก็ไม่พอ (Never Enough)" with NOA , a renowned J-POP singer on 10 November 2023!

Telling a heartfelt story by comparing the love with water in the glass, it never enough even you keep pouring it all the time. Now, it's a very first times to hear Zom Marie's sweet voice featuring with NOA and see him singing in Thai language.

After moved to Korea for 7 years by following his dream as a YG entertainment trainee, NOA backed to Japan in 2018 and released his first single both Japanese and Korean version. He ranked No.1 in Thailand's Spotify Viral ranking with the song "TAXI feat. Tofubeats" which is released in 2022, include "Too Young" also ranked no.1 in Thailand.

NOA is also known as actor from a hit series "I will Be Your Bloom" (君の花になる), starring with actor Fumiya Takahashi, Keito Tsuna and Tsubasa Honda.

Zom Marie is a renowned Thai-French singer, actress and YouTuber with more 3.33 million subscribers. The music video was shot in Bangkok last few months ago. See a new chapter of love by Zom Marie feat. NOA via YouTube ZOMMARIE MUSIC channel.

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