FILM: Riverside Mukolitta

When pandemic hit in 2020, many people may realized what is the real happiness during they're living with the emptiness. "Riverside Mukolitta", an upcoming Japanese film depicts a feeling of self sufficiency, friendship and sincere happiness among the people in rural town.

"Mukolitta" derived from "Muhurta", a Sanskrit word in Buddhist manuscript which means 1 day/30 or "48 minutes".

Takeshi Yamada (Kenichi Matsuyama) arrived in a small town at Hokuriku region. He started working at a salted fish factory, staying at a cheap & very old apartment named "Heights Mukolitta". 

Shimada (Tsuyoshi Muro), his neighbour entered his room without permission many times and asked him to use his bathroom. Shimada is a poor man who living by eating from the fruits he planted and close with the landlord, an abbot at nearby temple and another two neighbors who living by selling tombstones. Living as a poor people and sharing small happiness everyday, reminds us a simply life we may forgot. The film also depicts the gap between "Rich" and "Poor" which is developing calmly in Japan today. Being poor is not such a bad thing, they may even happier than billionaires who had everything but lack of the sincere happiness.

During pandemic, millions lose job or bankrupted when the business were shut, many moved back to live simply or do farming in hometown. 

Not only Japan, but It's also a new phenomenon in Asia when many people attempted to adapt & satisfy the "New Happiness". The film is premiered in 34th Tokyo International Film Festival, coming in theaters next year (2022), starring by Kenichi Matsuyama, Tsuyoshi Muro, Noriko Eguchi, Hikari Mitsushima, Hidetaka Yoshioka, Misako Tanaka and directed by Naoko Ogigami.

If you like a Japanese film "Pool" (プール) when Kyoko (Satomi Kobayashi), a Japanese middle-aged woman who decided to leave Japan and started her new life alone at her own resort in Chieng Mai, Thailand with her Japanese helper (Kase Ryo) and a kid until her daughter (Kana) came to meet her and found what is the reason she moved, "Riverside Mukolitta" is one of the films you must watch! See more updates soon!

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