What She Likes (彼女が好きなものは...)

"What She Likes (Kanojo ga Sukina mono wa...)", one of the Japanese film that premièred in 34th Tokyo International Film Festival.

When the two parallel worlds is moving on; a highschool boy who struggle to exist, hide and try to change himself to be what majority called "normal" and a girl who enjoy the fantasy world of BL comics.

Director Shōgo Kusano, Anna Yamada, Fūju Kamio and Tsubasa Imai at Kansai Premiere in Osaka on 11/27 

"I realized something, If the world have no friction, we never step forward" (Fuju Kamio as Jun Ando)

There are so many BL comics in Japan and BL series also getting popular in Asia, but do you know how different between the life in fantasy world of BL comics and the real gay life in Japan?

Director Shōgo Kusano at Japan premiere 34th Tokyo International Film Festival (2021)

Jun Ando (Fūju Kamio), a high school student have the same sex relation with Makoto (Tsubasa Imai) who hides his “gay” status by marriage with a woman, combined with various feelings and struggle to exist in the world he chose. You may surprised how actor Fūju let "the secret" deep inside the mind telling the whole story through his feelings and eyes.

Fūju Kamio during talking on the stage at Kansai Premiere in Osaka

One of the Japanese films that dare to ask the question to new generations about the old way of thinking of sexual minority in Japan society,  The last scene after credit reveals the hints.

Anna Yamada attends the Kansai premiere for the film "What She Likes" in Osaka

"What She Likes" (彼女が好きなものは...) by director Shōgo Kusano, starring by Fuju Kamio, Tsubasa Imai, Anna Yamada, Hayato Isomura and more. The film is premiered in Japan at Tokyo International Film Festival and coming in theaters nationwide from 12/3

Tsubasa Imai talking what he likes in Kansai dialect at the Kansai Premiere in Osaka

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