"F-LAGSTUF-F" joins "yutori" group.

Yutori, a popular street fashion brand from Tokyo announced the signing of a sales agreement for the acquisition of "F-LAGSTUF-F", a Japanese fashion brand. The renewal corporate design and logo has been released today. (1st March 2022, 10.00 o'clock Japan standard time)

■ Background and future

For 4 years since established in 2018, Yutori group have developed various businesses and brands. Among them, the strongest and ever-expanding one is the “street brand” which is created from  “rebellious spirit”. More 10 brands has developed by Yutori group with more 1 million followers and the sales performance exceed 300 million yen a month.

In order to achieve the goal of IPO by 2023, we have decided to welcome F-LAGSTUF-F, which we have been friends for a long time, to progress the mission and growing rapidly as part of our group. F-LAGSTUF-F is a success brand and became a leader in the industry for long time.

We are confident that our sensibility and  cultivated knowledge in digital street fashion  will be combined with the authenticity of F-LAGSTUF-F, continue to operate as a street brand and create the new movement in the fashion industry.

We would like to continue to liven up the style that we have accumulated independently, not only for the same generations, but also for crossing over the entire industry together with our previous generations.

If you are interested in collaborating with us or transferring your brand or business, we would appreciate it if you could contact us.

Yutori representative Takashi Kataishi

From F-LAGSTUF-F representative Yasuyuki Murayama

Now, we are entered the year 9th since our brand was established in 2014, we are joining the yutori group with vision of future.

Not only the sensibilities and knowledge they have cultivated on the digital streets, but above all, the company is originally impressed by Japanese street culture. Based on the domestic recognition and achievements that we have accumulated so far, we would like to further boost our global expansion in the future. Under the new system, we will make further efforts to develop F-LAGSTUF-F. 

Thank you for your support, encourage and long-term patronage with us.

■ About new corporate design

At the time of this announcement, the corporate design has been redesigned and the website has been renewed.

Yutori group set up “TURN STRANGER TO STRONGER” as a new MISSION.

Based on a purpose to let "Haguremono (hipsters) around the world who have unknown talents wearing a fashion brand, the gap of feelings or the way of thinking can be reversed strongly", Yutori revealed simply about their origin to make the clothes.

By focusing on "ASIA x STREET", we aim to grow our business as a Japan-based largest street company in Asia. No matter how big the organization grows in the future, we will never forget the stance of  "FOOL> COOL".

Yutori web:https://yutori.tokyo/

= yutori 3rd Rebrand Project =

Producer: Takanori Kataishi (Yutori)

Creative Direction: Taitan Iizuka (volvox)

Communication Design: Kiruta Watrau (cul)

Planning: Makoto Funahashi (Yutori)

Logo Design: Mitsutaka Nakano

Web Direction / Web Design: Sosuke Minamiura (maxilla)

Web Design: Hayato Suzuki (Yutori)

Development Direction: Mitsuyo Onuma (PRMO)

Development: Yosuke Takinami, Mokei Kameda (PRMO)

Press: Keitaro Nagasaka (sakas PR)



Tokyo-based fashion brand F-LAGSTUF-F, a fashion is established by designer Yasuyuki Murayama in 2014 with the concept "an uncategorizable genre", through the prints included many materials such as military and outdoor look with wide range of the items.

F-LAGSTUF-F Official site: http://flagstuff.jp

■ Yutori

Founded in June 2018, to create the first opportunities to any unknown fashionable talents, formed the largest used clothing community in Japan under the name "2nd hand clothing girls" (古着女子,  Furugi Joshi)

Yutori launched the apparel brand "D2C" and then announced to join with ZOZO, one of the largest online apparel store platforms in Japan in July 2020, developed many fashion brands such as genzai, 9090, centimeter,  My Sugar Babe and wherepunk with more 1 million followers. 

On 1 March 2022 , Yutori announced to welcome "F-LAGSTUF-F" to the group, set the goal to grow as the largest street fashion company in Asia.

『My Sugar Babe』:https://www.instagram.com/mysugarbabe_official/

■ Inquiries related to this matter

Contact yutori PRESS:Nakazawa (中沢)

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