Aaron Yan visits Mikimoto's PASSIONOIR in Taipei101

On 15 April 2022, Aaron Yan , a renowned Taiwanese singer, Fahrenheit group’s member and actor attends Mikimoto pop-up store in Taipei 101 flagship store. He wears the new PASSIONOIR collection’s black theme in a casual white outfit.

Arron said that when choosing a pearl jewelry, first you must find the pearl size that match for you. It’s easy to start from earrings and rings. The earrings made of black pearls with a diameter 9mm to 9.49mm from the new collection is a good choice.

"Black is really suitable for male character. If you want to be Aaron Yan or G-Dragon (the leader of the KPOP boys band Bigbang), you can wear this collection”

He was asked if he would take an opportunity to attend the event today to find a Mother's Day gift for his mother? He said that when he visited a Mikimoto store before this event, he found a piece cost 12 million NT$. he gave up to buy it because its high price but he changed to get a tanzanite pearl chain cost 3 million NT$ for his Mother Day’s gift.

"But I don’t think my mother like this kind of thing. The most important thing is her heart!", he said.

Aaron Yan confessed that he faced a lot of difficulties in communication with his mother before. He recently moved from his parents' home, but he let his mother see how he growing, especially from his works like the stage performances and major events. She saw his maturity in the way of thinking which jointing the relationship between mother and son.

“I'm sorry to bother you a lot, to make you have gray hair when you think you shouldn't have gray hair and it hurts to look at. Mom and family are persons we should care the most, Love You!", he said to his mother before the upcoming mother day.

Mikimoto’s PASSIONOIR collection is officially launched in Taiwan first times this April, the name is composed of two French words PASSION (passion) and NOIR (black). The pop-up store with a stunning visual presentation starring by Japanese actor Masaki Suda is held from now until 24 April 2022 at Taipei 101 Mikimoto flagship store, exclusive mask avail for those who purchased PASSIONOIR collection this period.

Official website: www.mikimoto.com

Text: inStyle Asia

image: Aaron Yan, Mikimoto

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