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What's new in Tokyo fashion week this year? This year still be another year the event is run under the restriction measure due to COVID-19 pandemic. But it getting better when the Japan Fashion Week Organisation announced that the physical shows increasing more 30 brands and many brands joinned to release on digital format during 14 - 19 March 2022 under the name Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo AW2022-23


NON TOKYO released AW2022-2023 collection with a theme "DEBUTENTE" at "Reload" in Shimokitazawa, a bohemian district in Tokyo.

When the curtain on the stage opened, all models standing together and "debut' herself one by one, played by orchestra music. Each model looks charming with her various kinds of headdresses, black veil and the vivid coloured fabrics, collaborating with "Princess Knight" (Ribon no Kishi), a hit manga series by Osaka-born artist Osamu Tezuka, depicts a girl named Sapphire who combined both masculine and feminine heart like many stunning characters in a world famous musical "Takarazuka Revue", match with NEWERA footwear and Buddyoptical eyewear.



"DAIWA" announced a sustainable collection through the installation show at the event. The brand was introduced first times on 14th March at Omotesando hills. The used materials were gathered and reproduced into the rolled threads for making the fishing apparel by technological innovation.

WEB: https://d-vec.jp/


Tokyo strikes a high couture collection balancing between light and shadow at a studio on the luxury brands shopping street. PEIEN by designer Naoko Izawa released with the new clothes include many stunning earrings with a sophisticated theme "internal" at Minami Aoyama district, Tokyo.



Can you imagine how models appeared to walk around you by AR code? It was a very first times to see Japanese brand using the latest digital innovation on the runway! BED J.W.FORD by designer "Shinpei Yamagishi" released Autumn Winter 2022 collection with a theme " I am rooted, but i flow" at What Cafe on Tennizu Isle, Tokyo.

The models standing on the passage like we saw from any runway, but here we can check the latest looks by using AR code behind each person via smartphone! It was so amazing presentation in Tokyo fashion week this year.



JOTARO SAITO AW22-23 released with a theme "Mirai Kaisō" (未来回想/ Recalling the Future) on the runway at Omotesando hills.

The Autumnal colours and seasonal blossoms pattern like Chrysanthemum were reinterpreted with the contemporary design reminiscent of the Kimonos both male and female in JOTARO SAITO style. A new and pretty modern design bag with traditional motifs line also revealed first times for the brand.



SEIVSON Autumn/Winter 22-23 by a Taiwanese designer Jill Shen, is unveiled in Tokyo Fashion Week with a theme "Do Electric Sheep Dream of Sleeping Beauty?" at Omotesando hills, Tokyo.

Catching a glimpse by many stylish looks, some model wears a formal dress and covered by the multi layered fabric coat with the golden laces. The light material blowing in the wind during they stepping on the stage, reveals a sense of femininity and the high couture's elegance.



The embroidery is one of the attractive points from the brand. On the show date, last year Rakuten Fashion Week ambassador "Ai Hashimoto", a Japanese actress also appeared on the runway in a white dress TANAKA DAISUKE AW2022-23 as you can see from the photo below.

After graduating from Osaka Bunka Fashion College, designer Daisuke Tanaka joined a brand "Keita Maruyama" and later he debuted his brand TANAKADAISUKE in 2021. It was the first times for the brand to present in Tokyo Fashion Week.

WEB: https://tanakadaisuke.jp/en


After released A/W 22 collection on physical runway in January this year, Tokyo Fashion Award winning brand "Kidill" by designer Hiroaki Sueyasu retold a new story through the rock music and live concert in Tokyo Fashion Week on 15th March at Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo.

All 5 members from a rock band "PSYSALIA HITO" appeared and performed freely on a center stage decorated by colorful fresh flowers and the musical instruments, represented a new collection with the romantic symbol and unlimited freedom through the rock music and flowers in the shades.

Backed to the previous show last few months ago, Kidill announced this collection in Men's Paris Fashion Week with a theme "Outsider" inspired by Henry Darger, an American painter. Following by the rock music and romantic blossoms, a new motivation is announced through the live show in Tokyo.



NEGLECT ADULT PATiENTS by designer Junnosuke Watanabe announced AW2022-23 with a theme "Take the Nap". The runway is surrounded by the white beds and some guests also watching the show from the bed seat, it could be said front bed seat. The models walking dramatically like we are all sharing the same dream during taking a nap for a while. Many still think about the pandemic days last few years, is it a real or it's just a dream?

Reflects the timelessness, stylish Tokyo street and anti-adult concept, the dresses were fantastically tailored by vivid colors like purple, red, navy blue and black. The leopard pattern jacket with hood put a contemporary motif on an urban luxury, to contrast with black to make it stand out with a glamorous silver chain necklace. 

Waseda University-graduated designer Junnosuke Watanabe dissolved idol group named "BiS" (Brand-new idol Society, 新生アイドル研究会) at Yokohama Arena before he found WACK a music production company in 2014 and started his apparel brand label NEGLECT ADULT PATiENTS in 2018.


pays des fées

On 19 March 2022, designer Lim Asafuji from "pays des fées" reminds the world a Tokyo's most iconic Kawaii fashion with a brand concept "strange but cute" ans Avant Garde ambient by colors and iconic graphic.

The show took place at an old warehouse near the abandoned Pachinko shop in Saitama prefecture. Attracted by surprisingly exotic looks with eye-catching graphic prints on the vivid colored fabrics and reinvented accessories under the neon lights inside the studio. The latest Autumn and Winter is released with a theme "Electricity and Witchcraft". (The photo of the brand is courtesy of the brand)



To celebrate its 75th anniversary, Osaka Bunka Fashion College (OIF) co-sponsored and participated in Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO, one of the 5 major fashion weeks in the world. Daisuke Tanaka from Osaka Bunka Fashion College released his brand TANAKA DAISUKE in Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo at Shibuya Hikarie on 16th March 2022.

On the same day, "DOKKA vivid" and "YUUNA ICHIKAWA" by Nodoka Sugauchi and Yuna Ichikawa, two designers from the same college who won the Grand Prix awards by "Asia Fashion Collection" last year and participated in New York Fashion Week this year February, also debuted the installation show in Tokyo Fashion Week for the first times. 

"DOKKA vivid" presents with a theme "Spice for your life", captured the elegant and vivid colors that make you want to explore the city and "YUUNA ICHIKAWA" offers with the concept "creating a shock that would stir the lives of women who are strong and stand up for society". (Photo is courtesy of the brand)

DOKKA vivid WEBhttps://dokkavivid.thebase.in/

YUUNA ICHIKAWA WEBhttps://www.yuunaichikawa.com/


CFCL by designer Yusuke Takahashi released the AW2022-23 collection in Tokyo. The new collection unveiled the simplicity and sense of Japanese beauty through the iconic knitting pleats details. Designer Yusuke was once Issey Miyake Homme's designer team and he started brand CFCL in 2020. Designed for men and women by using 3D computer for knitwear and sustainable materials and technology.

The brand also won the JAXURY (Japanese + Authentic + Luxury) award with FRaU magazine which is searching for the world-class Japanese luxury brands and announced for 2nd times in "Sensibilities" category award on March 2022.


el Conductor H

You can say the tweed jacket is back after watched from the show. The functional design adds four exterior pockets, provide a casual look.

Attracted us by a tiger skin pattern trapper hat is paired with a pearl necklace and black stripe Dungarees. "el Conductor H", a Tokyo-based menswear brand by designer Shintaro Nagamine, released Autumn Winter 2022 collection at ClubEx in Prince Hotel Shinagawa.


There are many more brands released in Tokyo this season. Update with us on the next part.

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