Rome-based luxury brand FENDI celebrated two new flagship stores in Korea and Japan.

On 8th February, Fendi unveiled its first boutique store at Cheongdam-dong in Gangnam district, a luxury brands hub in Seoul, Korea.

On 11th February, "Palazzo FENDI Omotesando", a new and biggest FENDI flagship store in Japan will be opened at Omotesando Tokyo.

The stores were designed by FENDI's architecture department, welcome the entire FENDI Universe, with all categories from the women and men's collections, recreates the charming atmosphere of Rome to Seoul and Tokyo.

The stores' facade is reinterpreted from the classic architecture of Rome city where the brand was born. The geometric diagonal design finished in stainless steel and the iconic LED  arches echoing Fendi’s headquarter in Rome’s Palazzo Della Civilta Italiana.

Image: Fendi

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