Update the winners in 34th Japan Best Jewellery Wearer Awards Ceremony

On 12th January 2023, Tokyo Jewellery Best Dresser's Awards is held at Tokyo Big Sight as part of 34th Tokyo International Jewelry Fair started from 11-14 January 2023, Japan's largest international jewellery trade show.

Now, you may wanna know the jewelry trends in Japan and global market and who is the award winners this year? The winners is selected by their popularity from previous year as well as their stunning look when they appeared with the jewellery.

■10s years old category: Raul (singer, Snowman) wears GALATEA garnett pearls

■ 20s years old category: Mei Nagano (actress) wears Pt950 Yellow diamond & Pt950 /Pt850 Yellow diamond pendant necklace.

■ 30s years old category: Minimi Tanaka (Tv news announcer) wears K18YG Neokis /Diamond/Pink Sapphire long necklace.

■ 40s years old category: Nanako Matsushima (actress) wears Platinum Diamond necklace Pendant.

■ 50s years old category: Hiromi Nagasaku (actress) wears LA SOMA necklace.

■ 60s years old category: Mao Daichi (actress) wears Pt850 far red magnetism necklace.

Image/text: inStyle Asia

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