Actor Hiroki Matsumoto and Raiga Terasaka came to Thailand for Ultraman Blazar premiere

On 1st July 2023, Hiroki Matsumoto, a renowned Japanese actor from Ultraman Decker the series make an appearance on the stage for "Ultraman Blazar" premiere event with actor Raiga Terasaka (Ultraman Trigger) at Fashion island, Bangkok. 

Hiroki Matsumoto stuns on the stage in Bangkok 

Actor Raiga Terasaka (Ultraman Trigger)  also appears on the stage for the premiere event together with actor Hiroki Matsumoto. He also asked his fans enjoy the show and movie by saying "smile smile". Both Hiroki and Raiga perform to fight with two monsters on the stage. Ultraman Blazar is the 33rd entry in the Ultraman series and it will show in Thailand theaters from 6th July 2023.

Raiga Terasaka greeting to his Thai fans

After the Ultraman Decker series, Tsuburaya has released a new warriors named "Ultraman Blazer" with different design. Captain "Gento Hiruma" (Tomoya Warabino), the leader of the SKaRD (Special Kaiju Reaction Detachment) unit fighting against the gigantic monsters affiliated with the GGF (Global Guardian Force). It's also  first times for the Ultraman series that the the lead character has a family.

The body of "Ultraman Blazer" come in an "asymmetrical" design with white and black color.  There is a red and blue line on the left side of the body. The Color Timer is extra large. There is also a fighting style and pronunciation in the Ultraman form that is different from the past Ultra warriors.  And the most prominent thing is that on the left side of the head there is a crystal that looks like a blue horn.

The "Ultraman Blazer" transforming device is called the "Blazar Brace," a wrist-worn device, and the "Blazer Stone," which is expected to combine two powers for combat.  Ultraman Blazar Series : Ultraman Blazar is the 5th Ultraman series of the Reiwa era or the 11th of Ultraman new generation heroes, which is set to release its first episode in Japan on July 8, 2023 on TV TOKYO, Japan, Thailand and many countries in Southeast Asia.

On the same day, Ultraman Decker Finale: Journey to Beyond (ウルトラマンデッカー最終章 旅立ちの彼方へ…), a Japanese superhero Kaiju Tokusatsu film in 2023 made its Thailand premiered before showing in theaters on 6 July 2023.

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