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Thai Festival Tokyo is first held in 2000 under the name "Thai Food Festival" in Yoyogi Park, Shibuya district, Tokyo, and organized by the Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo. On those days, many Thai restaurants from around Tokyo set up stalls to promote Thai cuisine in Japan, and the event attracted more 3,000 visitors. Since then, it has been held annually at Yoyogi Park, and has expanded its scale as Thailand's popularity in Japan has grown rapidly. In 2005, it was renamed as "Thai Festival" to promote Thai culture beyond Thai cuisine, included Thai fruits and Thai products, and hosted many performances both Japanese and Thai artists from various fields on the stage such as sportsmen, dancers, musical performers and pop music artists. Currently, the number of visitors has increased to 300,000 to 350,000, 10 times bigger from the number of visitors at the first event, and became one of the most popular international events in Tokyo.

Thai Festival in Japan is said to be one of the biggest Thai events outside Thailand. Started from Tokyo on 11-12 May and Nagoya on 18-19 May this year. The Special Fan Meeting with four hottest artists (OFF-GUN and TAY-NEW) is added as part of Thai Festival for the first times and held before the "Thank you Reception Party" at Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo. Come with us to see what's inside the Thai event and know more about Thailand.

Presented through a theme "Thai Entertainment Land" or "タイ エンタメ ランド (Tai Entame Land)" in Japanese, showcased all about Thai entertainment such as Thai BL drama, Thai movie and Thai Pop musics included many untold cultural Thai stories such as Thai traditional sweets and food through the films and dramas. Additionally, Thai fashion was presented on the runway for the first times with the large scale and many Thai BL actors who are known globally also joined the fashion show as models. Of Course! Thai Food is the most exciting part of the event, all can eat and experience Thai street food like Pad Thai, Gai Yang (Thai style Grilled chicken), Esan Sausages (North Eastern Thai style sausages), Somtam (Papaya Salad), Mango with sticky rice, Thai beer or popular Thai milk tea from more 100 restaurants in Kanto region.

Special Fan Meeting with OFF-GUN

"OFF-GUN" and "TAY-NEW," two popular actors who appear in the Thai BL drama. They are also hugely popular in Japan, to deliver "love" to their Japanese fans with a lot of fun contents, including singing the songs, talk show, and playing games together.

OFF Jumpol Adulkittiporn and GUN Attaphan Phunsawat, two popular Thai actors from GMMTV make an appearance at the first event in Thai festival on 9th May 2024. They are known as the lead characters in many hit BL series such as Our Skyy, Theory Of Love, Cooking Crush. Now, they backed to Tokyo for Thai Festival Tokyo's special Fan Meeting at Yamano Hall in Shinjuku district for two shows a day. They were warmly welcomed by many Japanese and international fans in Japan. Before the show start, They kindly gave a brief interview in person and photo shooting.

OFF Jumpol and GUN Attaphan in Special Fan Meeting at Yamano Hall as part of Thai Festival Tokyo.

OFF: I'm so glad to participate in Thai Festival. When i came to Japan first times, i had ever attended Thai Festival as a regular visitor. I saw "Kru Kitti The Voice" (ครูกิตติ The Voice) who came to show in Japan's Thai Festival, i walked and looked at him, that time i feel so exciting to see a Thai people who flied to perform here (in Japan). One day, i did the same, i'm so surprised myself to know that i also got the same chance.

GUN: I'm so glad to be a part of Thai Festival. It's a festival that gathered all Thai people in Japan. There are Thai food, artists and many idols. Gun and Off also came to this event, I'm glad to be a part of this festival.

OFF Jumpol and GUN Attaphan in Special Fan Meeting at Yamano Hall as part of Thai Festival Tokyo.

OFF: We came to this event, so we had talked and thinking of do something memorable, like play the jokes (as comedians) etc. to create the fun atmosphere in Thai Festival, and I want to eat Thai food in Thai Festival too.

GUN: We came to show our character, our Thainess. There are many Thai people in the festival, we wanted to share happiness to all. 

OFF: We never had this kind of fan meeting for a year, our first show was so fun. I'm thinking of all fans in Japan. If you asked us to come frequently, we will come for sure.  

GUN: I'm so exciting every time i come to fan meeting event. I'm really glad to meet all fans and this times we have two shows a day. When I saw everyone be happy, i'm also happy.

OFF: Before the reception party at Thai Embassy tomorrow, we have 3 hours so we planned to go  shopping around Shinjuku area tomorrow, may go to many places on the other days, going together with Gun.

GUN: Yesterday I bought a bag at the airport.

OFF: it's Balenciaga, white colour. It's the same one i shared on Instagram's story.

GUN: It was discounted 50%! 

So, do you wanna have dinner together with Tay-New today?

OFF: If they are waiting us, we will have dinner together. But if they don't, we will remember them! (laugh)

Tomorrow Tay-New also come to show here same you guys. Do you have any message for them?

OFF: We will encourage them! Take a rest well and don't hang out tonight.

How do you feel about your second show (the next show) today?

OFF: I want to show right now. I feel so good with high energy now. If waiting for a while, my energy may drop, so i really wanted to show immediately.

Special Fan Meeting with TAY-NEW

The 2nd day's event is also held at the same Yamano Hall. Many fans came to the venue earlier to meet  two stars at the entrance. Tay Tawan and New Thitiphum is known as the lead actors in "Cherry Magic", a Japanese drama adaptation Thai version series. It was mentioned internationally since the original version is so popular. Not only women, but we also met many male fans who loved Thai drama and waiting to see their favourite stars before the event start an hour. There are neither interview nor photo session for TAY-NEW's Special Fan Meeting, fortunately we did all our efforts to make a report from their latest shows in Tokyo for all Thai and international fans. Check it on the Instagram inStyle Asia 

Exclusive Gala "Thank you" Party at Royal Thai Embassy

Before the event start one day, on 10th May at 18.00, many important guests and actors arrived to the Royal Thai embassy for an invitation-only party in Meguro district, Tokyo.

Talay and Toptap Jirakit in Thank you Party, Thai Festival Tokyo 2024

Ms. Prangthip Kanchana-hattakij, a Chargé d'Affaires for Royal Thai Embassador in Tokyo introduced the event briefly and thanked to all participants included Japanese partners, sponsors, all performers and media who supporting the event, and Thailand government's soft power strategies, to promote Thai culture through the Thai entertainment and also tightened the relationship between Japan and Thailand. 

Copter attends Thank you Party, Thai Festival Tokyo 2024

The four performances is scheduled to show as part of reception party, started from a Thai traditional dance depicted the story of Thai Jasmine rice and Thai farmers, and then "BOY Sompob", a famous Thai pop artist performed his iconic songs from Thai bl series, following by Tokyo-based Thai boys band ADORA, and "Maria Seiren", a renowned Japanese Opera singer who stunningly appeared in a costume designed by Tokyo-based Thai label ablankpage.

Muang and Cake, two artists from Serious Bacon attend Thank you Party, Thai Festival Tokyo 2024

Thai traditional menus were beautifully set at the buffet style bar. Beyond the food, It was a very special moment when all Thai artists from Thailand who came with their executive managers who lead the Thai entertainment industry met all private sectors and medias in Japan, to develop the relationship for any future projects internationally.

IDOL LIMERENCE attend Thank you Party, Thai Festival Tokyo 2024

In Japan, May is considered as "Thai Month", there are a lot of Thai events in May and June. The main event for 24th Thai Festival Tokyo started from 11th May to 12th May 2024 at Yoyogi Park, Tokyo. 

OFF-GUN and SEA-KEEN, Thai BL series actors from GMMTV in Thank you Party, Thai Festival Tokyo 2024

Awakened Thai Wave Phenomenon

After the opening ceremony on the first day in Yoyogi Park's outdoor stage, The group of Thai traditional dancers from "Baan Rabam" and "Share Happiness" performed the traditional dances on the main stage, followed by a new Thai idol group named "IDOL LIMERENCE" with all 6 members debuted in Japan for the first times.

Traditional Thai dancers from Baan Rabam, Share Happiness group and KENG Tachaya, a popular Thai singer in Thai Festival Tokyo 2024

Actually, there are many popular Thai artists who came to show in Thai Festival Tokyo for the first times. Started from SEA-KEEN and TAY-NEW, 4 actors from big hit Thai bl series, each group showed continuely half an hour, BOY Sompob and TOPTAP Jirakit never make his fans disappointed by showing many popular songs. KENG Tachaya with contemporary Thai dancers, SERIOUS BACON, COPTER, TALAY, ADORA and TILLY BIRDS. 

Cherry Magic's TAY-NEW arrived at the Thai Festival Tokyo 2024

The artists sharing the happiness and connecting to oversea fans through the music which is international language, it make the event so special and different from any events in Thailand. On the same day, BOWKYLION and The Toys, another two popular Thai sensation groups also performed at a  nearby clubhouse named "Shibuya WWW X" as part of Thai Festival Tokyo this year. It's the greatest chance for Japanese and international fans who wanted to get close with Thai artists and experience Thai Pop concert at the venue.

On the second day, the lineup on the main stage in Yoyogi park is OFF-GUN, BNK48 (2nd international sister group of AKB48), CGM48 (a sister group of BNK48 from Chiang Mai), ATLAS, 4EVE, LYKN, BOWKYLION and The Toys. The Special Live Concert by TILLY BIRDS is held separately at Shibuya WWW X near Shibuya Station, Tokyo.

Thai Fashion x Thai BL series 

Phuwadej Larprojpaiboon, a Tokyo-based Thai designer from brand 𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗮𝗻𝗸𝗽𝗮𝗴𝗲 released its collaboration collection by using Thai textile which is created by iconic Thai craftmanship from many local villages in Thailand under the royal initiative of Her Royal Highness Princess Sirivannavari Narirattana Rajakanya which is released first times in abroad.

ablankpage x Thai Festival Tokyo 2024

ablankpage x Thai Festival Tokyo 2024
ablankpage x Thai Festival Tokyo 2024

ablankpage x Thai Festival Tokyo 2024

𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗮𝗻𝗸𝗽𝗮𝗴𝗲, one of the international brands from Thailand in Tokyo Fashion Week, by "Phuwadej Larprojpaiboon", a new wave Thai designer in Japan. SEA Dechchart and KEEN Suwijak, two lead actors from "Only Boo!" (แค่ที่แกง Only boo!), a hit Thai bl series dressed in ablankpage special collection and walking on the runway, together with actor Perth Nakhun (KinnPorche the series) and Japanese models. Take a look at our exclusive shots via the Instagram inStyle Asia and know more about Thai Fashion at the event.

Perth Nakhun x ablankpage 

KEEN Suwijak x ablankpage 

SEA Dechchart x ablankpage 

SEA-KEEN x ablankpage 

SEA-KEEN x ablankpage

SEA-KEEN x ablankpage

Thai Elephant Pants 

After Tokyo, Thai Festival in Nagoya 2024 begun on 18 May at Edion Hisaya Plaza in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. Not only Thai traditional performances, but this year is more special in Nagoya as SEA-KEEN, two renowned Thai actors and LYKN, a popular Thai boys group came to perform on the main stage in Nagoya for the first times.

Tui from LYKN in Thai Festival in Nagoya 2024

Hong from LYKN in Thai Festival in Nagoya 2024

Nut from LYKN in Thai Festival in Nagoya 2024

William from LYKN in Thai Festival in Nagoya 2024

Lego from LYKN in Thai Festival in Nagoya 2024

Nagoya is one of the cities in Japan where many popular stars make their debut. We saw many local TV news reporters included Nagoya's popular singer like Taishin Hirano (Magic Prince boys group member) at the event, TV Asahi and ANN TV news.

KEEN Suwijak on the stage in Thai Festival in Nagoya 2024

KEEN Suwijak and SEA Dechchart on the stage in Thai Festival in Nagoya 2024

SEA Dechchart on the stage in Thai Festival in Nagoya 2024

More 50 booths offers Thai food and Thai products like fashion goods, Thai traditional massage experience and flight tickets from Thai Airways and Thai Air Asia. Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo pavilion presents the story of elephant pants (กางเกงช้าง) with iconic patterns from each province in Thailand. Thai style pants with elephant pattern is popular among young Thais and tourists for long time. It became globally hit when many K-POP superstars wore and casually shared on social media.

The elegant fighting cocks from Pitsanulok Province

The iconic Cat "Sisawat" and "Pimai stone castle" from Nakhon Rachasima province 

The details of a local festival near Khong River on the fabric from Nongkhai province

The elegant green peacock is illustrated with simplicity design from Payao province

Recently Thailand government and private sectors sparkled an idea to launch a national campaign for each province to create their own iconic pattern, reinterpreted the cultural stories from local towns and popularize nationwide. Not only reflect Thainess through clothes, but it also show a mixture of culture and folk wisdom that is transformed into a creative fashion products with added value.

The details of a popular painting from the traditional 
ceramics in Lampang province

"The Phnom Rung stone castle" from Buriram province

The adorable tigers from Prae province

The Shadow Plays from Pattalung province, Southern part of Thailand

The Monkeys and Sunflowers from Lopburi province

This year, Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo presents Thai Festival under the theme "Thai Entertainment Land" and telling the popularity of Thai bl series and Thai actors through many lead fashion magazines in Japan and photo books by renowned Japanese photographers, included Thai bl novels which is available at the bookstores nationwide recently. Also showcasing the costume from a Thai BL period movie "Man Suang" which were worn by lead actors like APO Nattawin and MILE Phakphum at Thai Festival in Nagoya. We found a popular character named "Ma Muang" book by Visut Ponnimit as well.

The character of "Ma Muang" by Visut Ponnimit 

Thai costume exhibition from the film "Man Suang" (แมนสรวง) at Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo pavilion

BRIGHT, WIN, DEW and NANI with many Thai idols on popular Japanese magazines

Caught the eye by many popular Thai BL novels in Japan 

The popularity of Thai BL series in Japan through the leading magazines and photo books

KRIS-SINGTO, OFF-GUN, TAY-NEW, POND-PHUWIN and more Thai idols on popular Japanese magazines 

BRIGHT-WIN and more Thai idols on popular Japanese magazines and books

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