SEVENTEEN's MINGYU as L'Occitane's first Asian ambassador at Tokyo store

On 21 May, SEVENTEEN's MINGYU attended an event to commemorate his appointment as Asian ambassador for  L'Occitane's hand care and body care product lines at L'Occitane SHIBUYA flagship store, Tokyo. This is the first time that the French cosmetics has appointed an ambassador for Asia region.

"Art de Vivre" is a style of living fulfilling the life with the blessings of nature. L'Occitane believes that this way of life is true luxury and proposing a luxurious lifestyle originated in Provence, southern France.

He arrived in a total white outfit and said in Japanese, "I feel embarrassed" and laughed. Regarding being selected as the first Asian ambassador for L'Occitane's hand care and body care series, "I'm very happy and excited to be the first Asian ambassador. The word 'first' sounds great. From now on, I hope to send the good image together with L'Occitane". He expressed his will to spread the value of L'Occitane to people all around Asia.

He also mentioned about the hotel he stayed last night had prepared L'Occitane's Shea Butter Hand Cream and Almond Moisturizing Shower Oil. He immediately tried out the products.

"I used L'Occitane's Shea Nail Oil, and then I used Shea Hand Cream on top, which make me feel good". He continuely said about the shower oil, "I usually use hand cream, but it was my first time I've tried shower oil. I sweat a lot, so I wanted to be mindful of moisturizing my skin when I take a shower. I was very satisfied with my feeling when i tried it. It had a nice scent and makes me feel good. Using body lotion after take a bath also make me feel so good. Just washing with it makes my skin feel moisturized, so I want everyone to feel that way too."

SEVENTEEN is currently performing in 「SEVENTEEN TOUR "FOLLOW" AGAIN TO JAPAN」, he talked about his live concert in Osaka at Yanmar Stadium Nagai on 11-12 May.

"It was really big venue. It feel so amazing that CARATs filled up such a big venue, and it was a heavy rainy day on second day, but we had fun and didn't care anything and we were able to have a really happy time."

When the MC asked him "What is luxury?". He defines the meaning of luxury

"For me, luxury make a moment meaningful and give me a time with leisure and relax. Rather than deliberately choosing expensive items, I think it's so important to enjoy fully from what you are given and feel happy with it."

"If you could give L'Occitane products to someone, who you want to give and what would you give them?"

He said in Japanese, "I'd like to give them to CARAT. I really want to give all of these L'Occitane products to each and everyone".

"I think scents have the power to make you remember a moment. So I hope you will all be able to carve the scent of L'Occitane into your memories together with SEVENTEEN in 2024."

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