Coming of the Pride Month with a Japanese film "Our House Party"

Based on director's own experience, "Our House Party" depicts the story of  LGBTQ group in Shinjuku ni-chome, the largest gay community in Japan.

Started from Tomoya, a university student (Takashi Hashizume) who walking around unconfidently and probably finding himself. He met some unknown people at a bar in Shinjuku ni-chome area. 

They invited and gathered a party at home. Each one confessed what they felt emotionally through their conversation, also revealed the sexual minorities society in Japan which is drastically changing from the past. Although It's easy to describe the plot but it not easy to tell directly, unexpectedly showing the social pressure by existing as a minorities in Japan.

Masami Inomoto ("Boy's Choirs, "his", "M/Others", "Rise Up", "Obon Brothers") took the role of cinematography, he showing interestingly the props and settings in artistic way, added a relaxing atmosphere and especially the peeping scene inside the house  reflects the fearsome about the relationship inside the main character's mind. Starring by Keiichi Kageyama, Takashi Hashizume, Ryo Matsumoto, Hiroshi Yokoro, Keigo Unohara, Ryosuke Inoura, Sho Kubota and more.

"Our House Party" (ボクらのホームパティー), a Japanese film by director Shuichi Kawanobe , is screened for the first times at Osaka Asian Film Festival this year.

Tomoya (Takashi Hashizume), a university student who hides his gay status and wandering unintentionally around Shinjuku ni-chome in Tokyo. He met Shoichi (Ryosuke Inoura), a bar owner who invited him to join his friends' party. Tomoya met Akito (Keiichi Kageyama) and Yasushi (Ryo Matsumoto), a gay couple who host the party. The tension begun when Kenichi, a good looking photographer joined the party.

Akito start doubting his partner with a feeling of being betrayed, changed behaviour and curious to know who is a lier. Director also captured Akito's feelings when he first met Yasushi and a current scene when Yasushi did what he wanted through his own desires.

Masashi (Keigo Unohara) is invited by Naoki (Sho Kubota), a club owner who are Shoichi's friend. Masaki disappointed in love and keep "one night stand" relation with anyone he met at the gay bars. Masaki thought that Naoki will leave him sooner like the others he met. The pressure from each person were exploded emotionally at the party. It seems like the party at the house is an only shelter for them, to support each other and even fighting together.

To avoid being rejected from society, Tomoya keeps calm and never let anyone know his gay status even his friends until he joined the party and he realised that this is a safe zone, reflects the sexual minorities situation in Japan which is mostly overlooked from others. Director Shuichi also put a conversation like "but why do we keep fighting each other?"

Masami Inomoto (from "his", "boys' choirs", "M/Others") works as cinematographer, not only the messages all characters sharing, but he also presents what each character "feel" in their mind include the artistic props in the film.


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