What's new in Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo SS2022

The Spring and Summer season which has been held every year in mid October, is shifted to late August for the first times this year, together with New York, Paris and Milan. See the latest runway looks and upcoming trend from Japan in Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo SS2022 

MaXhosa Africa x Face A-J

Something unexpected may happen anytime when a luxury brand from Africa first introduced and collaborated in Japan. inspired by traditional beadwork patterns of Xhosa tribe in South Africa. "Laduma Ngxokolo", MaXhosa brand founder and designer announced the new items and be partner with "Tokyo Knit" under the FACE A-J project (Fashion and Cultural Exchange Africa-Japan).

Hirofumi Kurino, a Japanese fashion icon who is senior advisor of United Arrows directed and performed at DJ booth during the runway show on 3 September 2021, at Parco Shibuya rooftop floor, Tokyo.
(MaXhosa Africa official  website: maxhosa.africa/Face A-J Instagram: www.instagram.com/awatori.ourstory)


 If you love Japanese crafted fabric and monotone design, you might like this one. 『UCF』SS2022 collection is announced at Shibuya Hikarie Hall in Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo, first times for the brand to present the physical show in Tokyo. 
The dazzling golden headgears looks so elegant as well as her fabric and simplicity design. Using the original Japan-made fabrics from local makers in many provinces like Hyogo, Fukui, Toyama, Gunma and Kyoto. The dyeing "Arimasu Shibori" from Nagoya is the most attractive one. All dresses were tailored in only black and white color, an iconic image of the brand since 2014.
(UCF official  website: www.ucf-topcreator.com)


 This season 『BED F.W FORD SS2022』collection is announced at Happo-en, Tokyo. Before the show, "Naomi Tokyo Paris", a renowned duo musicians performed the live show surrounding by the illuminated colorful lights from the trees in a romantic Japanese garden. The crafted rose flower is hidden inside the invitation envelope and surprisedly found during the leaf print on the shirts and pants were debuted on the runway, make anyone falling in love in the unforgettable night.

BED j.w. FORD returned to launch the collection in Tokyo this year, with the theme "EPIPHANY" by designer Shinpei Yamagishi and collaborated the footwear with "Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO". If you looking for an elegant outfit and the items you can reveal the sense of nature and wear it everyday. BED j.w. FORD is the one. (BED f.w. FORD official site: bedjudewillford.com


『MIKAGE SHIN』2022 S/S collection by designer Mikage Shin is announced in Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo 2022 Spring/ Summer on 30th August 2021 at Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo. 
This season we can see the large earrings and pendants, pleated skirts and pants from the brand. There is no boundaries between men and women's aesthetic, so we enjoyed how designer balancing the two different elements in various looks and designs. Inspired by the beliefs of the architecture secessionists who opened up new possibilities, express the "urban and rural" and the art of architecture like the formal suit mixed with the countryside drawing graphic. The runway and the background stage also performed the light effects like the models walking on street in the city and enjoy the sound of nature from the music.
(MIKAGE SHIN official site: mikageshin.com)


MITSURU OKAZAKI  by designer Mitsuru Okazaki, one of the highlighted brands in Tokyo, released the latest SS2022 collection at Polygon Omotesando, Tokyo. Inspired by the pierrot, an global icon who make everyone be happy, Tokyo-based designer Mitsuru Okazaki creates many casual outfits and contrast the  top and bottom part by using the different tone colors and added some fun motifs by attractive patterns and patchwork.
(MITSURU OKAZAKI official website: www.mitsuruokazaki.com)


HxCx by designer Takashi Kido announced 2022 S/S collection for the first times on runway format at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo with a theme "POWER POP". Represents the charm of "unfinished things" against the backdrop of Berlin city. 

Designer Takashi is one of the new generations who dare to change by relocate from Fukuoka city his home country to live in Europe since 2000. Currently, he runs many beauty salons and restaurants in London and Berlin. His business is also well-known in Europe for more 20 years.

Influenced by retro pop culture during 80s〜90s, the punk and techno music. Not focuses just only what the punk culture that everyone knew, but he reinterpreted the new punk culture which is different up to each person's style.
(HxCx Official website: https://hxcx-takashiito.com)


SEIVSON by designer Jill Shen or Tzu Chin Shen from Taiwan, announced the latest SS2022 collection with theme MISTERMISS at Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo.

Under the dim light, the models walking on the runway in her charming dress and light materials, give the first impression with femininity sense, casual yet elegant. The print shirt with the letters "Thank you Japan We are from Taiwan", one of the highlighted items also looks cool to wear in any season, as well as the mysterious motifs through the multi layered materials in black, beige and white color.

SEIVESON is derived from 2 French words; Nos (we) and Vies (inspiration to life). Designer Jill Shen established the brand with Emily Song, her friend in 2017 before introduced in fashion weeks at Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, and Taipei, created a new page of Taiwan fashion history as a new wave fashion designer and brand. (SEIVSON official website: https://www.seivson.com)

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