Love and Remembrance in a Japanese film "Just Remembering"

Do you remember the time when we have to seperate last two years before return to meet your beloved one? 

The story of Teruo (Sosuke Ikematsu), a taxi driver who gave up his dancer's path due to the injury and Yō, his girlfriend (Sairi Ito). Time passing and changing rapidly at the heart of Tokyo on an ordinary day. It may or may not be a special day... But as you knew the same day never comes again.

The world cannot return to the days before pandemic. Like the love moment that never return twice, “just remembering”.

A love story that depicts the feelings of "We're only in the world right now" at night with a lover. It was the "everlasting moment" during everyone feel the loneliness and nervous. It was also a feeling of the happiness when we met beloved one after separated by the time and space.

The movie that allow the heart calling your inner feeling in a sleepless city of Tokyo during pandemic days. "Just Remembering" is coming in theaters this February 11, 2022.

Inspired by CreepHyp's theme song by Sekaikan Ozaki, a band member through a Jim Jarmusch's movie "Night on the Planet" and directed by Matsui Daigo. One of the Japanese films that was shot on the pandemic days and won the Audience Award in Tokyo International Film Festival this year.


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