What's inside the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center after reopened this December

The first Khantoke Dinner Show was created here at Old Chiangmai Cultural Center on 1971. It was started in order to showcase the traditional Northern Thailand and Lanna (Chiang Mai) culture.

When the promotion of local hill tribe culture by Tourism Authority of Thailand begun, the Chiang Mai traditional dances were also re-developed and changed its purpose from originally entertaining the royal court and special persons to welcome all travelers who visited the city as part of cultural tourism. The hill tribe dancers from each villages were invited to perform and introduced their own ethnic culture here since then.

"Khantoke" means Northern Thai style cuisine which  originated from Chiang Mai where was once a former capital city of Lanna kingdom for 700 years. It has become very popular and unique among visitors around the world through its Chiang Mai style cuisine and hospitality. 

The Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center is reopened from December last year. Having a 3 hours experience of the exotic Khantoke dinner with shows when you visit Chiangmai next trip.

1971年、カントーク ディナー ショーは、タイ北部の伝統文化とランナー (チェンマイ) 文化を紹介する為、オールド チェンマイにて初めて開催された。その時、タイ政府観光局による山岳民族文化の宣伝も始まった。王室や特別ゲストをもてなす目的ではなく、チエンマイ伝統舞踊は、街に訪れた皆の旅行者を歓迎する目的に変更された。 各村に住んでる山岳民族のダンサーが招待されてここに演じ、その村に隠れる民族文化を案内している。


オールド チェンマイ カルチュラル センターは、昨年12 月から再開した。またチェンマイに旅行するなら、エキゾチックなカントーク ディナーとチエンマイの舞踊を3時間ほど体験してお楽しみ。

📸Image/text: inStyle Asia 

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