FILM: Spaghetti Code Love

What's interesting film in Tokyo International Film Festival this year?

Takeshi Maruyama is known from many hit music videos and TV advertiserial works in Japan, he released his first movie as a film director "Spaghetti Code Love" (スパゲッティコードラブ) Japan premiere in 34th Tokyo International Film Festival on November 2021.

Following 13 young people's fates and see an unexpected ending through his distinctive filming style. Many scenes were filmed at the famous landmarks in Tokyo where director Takeshi want to show the changes of the city nowaday like Shibuya Crossing.

Takeshi Maruyama, film director attends the Japan premiere in 34th Tokyo International Film Festival (photo: InStyle Asia)

It might be a film that make you feel "Tokyo-ness" as of director Takeshi who came from Kanazawa prefecture and living in Tokyo for long time, he observed the city and people from his experience.

The sense of loneliness is like a part of living in any big cities, especially in the world highest densed city of Tokyo. Some living without friends in real life but put their life with strangers on internet or prefer to live in capsule hotel etc. The film retold the pressure and show another side of Tokyo when many young people struggle to cross the limitation from this closed society and connected through the love desire.

Starring by Toko Miura, Yuki Kura, Hiroya Shimizu, Yagi Rikako, Yuriyan Retriever, Tsuchimura Kaho, Aoki Yuzu and more. Showing in Japan theaters nationwide on 2021, November 26th.


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