"The Gifted", a hit Thai series first airing in Japan

If you are in Japan right now, you can watch "The Gifted" (Title in Thai: นักเรียนพลังกิฟต์), a hit Thai series on TELASA (a VOD streaming platform by TV asahi). Moreover, the 1st episode will be promoted and airring on TV Asahi channel in Kanto area for the first times.

A popular Sci-Fi and suspense drama by GMM TV, depicts a student group who have a supernatural abilities at school. The serie was acclaimed positively worldwide and won many awards include "Nanon Korapat", a main cast who was nominated for the Best Actor Award in 24th Asian Television Awards last year at Singapore.

In Japan, "The Gifted" is attracted  by many Japanese fans since it was airing in home country. Bright, a renowned Thai actor from 2gether the series also recommended his fans to watch this drama at "BRIGHT WIN 1st FAN MEETING IN JAPAN" last year. The 1st episode will be aired in Japan (Kanto area) on January 21 (Fri) from 3:00 am〜4:00 am on TV Asahi channel. Don't miss this chance! Also check TELASA if you are not in Kanto area. 

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