GOT7's Jackson Wang collaborating with NESCAFÉ Thailand

On 8th May 2022, NESCAFÉ Thailand made a big surprise and awakened the consuming mood in coffee market in Thailand by launched GOT7's Jackson Wang as a new ambassador for the coffee brand’s Gold Crema flavor.

The first video showing Jackson who just woke up and asking “Want to have coffee with me?” before dressing and he also speaking in Thai language at the end of this Ads.

Jackson called himself P.Jack which means "elder brother Jack" in Thai language and people may remembered him and easily call "brother Jack's coffee" for NESCAFÉ Crema Gold series name. 

The new collaboration campaign by NESCAFÉ Thailand is officially launched today (8 May) include nationwide retail stores' displays and social media marketing. After watched, Can you deny his offer?



NESCAFÉタイによる新しいコラボレーションキャンペーンは、本日(5月8日) から正式に開始し、全国リテールストアのディスプレイもSNSメディアマーケティングも始まる。 本人は頼んだので断るのが難しいでしょう。

Text: inStyle Asia

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