Ryusei Yokohama in Michihito Fujii's film "Village" in 2023

Actor Ryusei Yokohama is announced to starring in a new Japanese film "Village" (ヴィレッジ) by director "Michihito Fujii" (Netflix's The Journalist, The Last Ten Years)

This human suspense film depicts the story of "Yu Katayama" (Ryusei Yokohama), a young man who are suffering from being chased by his mother's debt repayment and he had no where to go. A large final disposal site for garbage is set up at a nearby mountain in Kamon village where the mysterious "Takigi Noh" (Noh mask dancers performing at night) is held.

Yu works at a garbage disposal facility in this village. He is despised by surroundings due to an incident in the past and works illegally under a most hateful opponent. However, Yu's life is changing when Masaki, his childhood friend came back from Tokyo. This times, Ryusei toke the role of a young man who was pushed and fallen into the dark side as we can see his new character with a stubble beard, even longer than the time he appeared in DIVOC-12 last year.

The planning, production, and executive producer is Star Sands' Mitsunobu Kawamura (Yakuza and the Family, Blank). Director Fujii wrote the script for this original film, by received the theme about "Village society" from producer Mitsunobu Kawamura.

Actor Ryusei and director Fujii working together 5th times for this work.

"This is the best script which is rewritten over and over by director Fujii. Even if Yu wanted to escape from the tough time, but he can't do so. A young man can only endure with patience during he living, his body and mind getting hurt. I hope you can see his changes. I think, it's a work that you never watch before and it's a story that make you think a lot", Ryusei said.

"Talking about the changes of actor like Ryusei Yokohama, he is a wonderful cast. I think it's a film you never watch before and packed with the staffs' skills", Fujii said.

"Village" will be released in theaters nationwide next year (2023).

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