Night Edge Pictures, a Thai distributor released the new horror films and big project

Will Fredo, founder and president of FUSEE, a production company with Hans Audric B. Estialbo, a Chief Operating Officer of Night Edge Pictures, a Bangkok based-Thai film distributor and production company in the grand opening event at Lido Connect, Bangkok on 4th August 2022.

Hans believes that Southeast Asian horror remains an oasis of universal yet extremely unique stories that thrill the global market. To bring the horror films from Thailand and neighbors Southeast Asia with emotionally generous stories which is the strength in Thai horror film to the world by cooperate with film makers, film production, as well as film critics in all platforms as partner, through a concept Blood, Sweat and Thrills.

FUSEE, Heavy Metal, Always Imagine, Cook Book Media, Futerio, Benetone Films also joined as strategies partner.

Night Edge Pictures aims to produce 2-3 Thai films annually, starting with a film project (unrevealed title) directed by a renowned Thai director Kongkiat Komesiri who is known from "KinnPorsche The Series", "Art Of The Evil 2" (ลองของ), Khun Phaen (ขุนแผน).

During making the plan to produce their own original films, Night Edge Pictures introduced “future cult favorites” by bring many horror films to show in theaters, started with Kate Dolan's You Are Not My Mother (August), XYZ films' NOCEBO (September), Into The Deep (October), Moloch (Nov), Speak No Evil (December) and Talk To Me (January 2023).

A Filipino production company FUSEE, headed by Will Fredo with Japanese and French as co-producer is known from a Cannes Award winner film "PLAN75" by director Chie Hayakawa, starring by Chieko Baisho, Hayato Isomura, Stefanie Arianne.

The renowned Thai directors who attended include Nonzee Nimibutr (Nang Nak, Transistor Love Story, Jan dara), Prachaya Pinkaew (Ongbak, Chocolate), Kongkiet Komsiri (Art Of The Evil 2), Poj Arnon (Bangkok Love Story, Iron Lady, Tell The World I Love You) , Bandit Thongdee (Mercury Man), Jet Boonyoprakarn (The Rooms) and actor Ake Thanachote (The Star 11).

image: Courtesy of Will Fredo, FUSEE


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