ONITSUKA TIGER” released the new “MEXICO 66 CACTFUL” at Mexico Embassy in Tokyo

"ONITSUKA TIGER” released the new “MEXICO 66 CACTFUL” on 27 October 2022 at Mexico embassy in Tokyo.

To celebrate the new collection, Momo, a TWICE member is appointed as the brand ambassador Asia region.The party is held on the same day, surrounding by cactus plants on the ground.

“MEXICO 66 CACTFUL” uses a new cactus-derived material which is developed by Onitsuka Tiger with Mexico-based DESSERTO. The guests enjoy live music, tequila and Mexican recipes while take a look the new products at the party.

Kawaguchi Yurina 

Gulf Kanawut, a Thai actor from global hit bl series "TharnType" with many stars from Southeast Asia like Glenn Yong (Singapore) and Hael Husaini (Malaysia), Tamara Dai (Indonesia) came to meet Japanese celebrities like Koshi Mizukami, singer Taichi Mukai, Johnny's King & Prince former member Genki Iwahashi, Yamato, Taiki, Noah, Julia Castro, Kawaguchi Yurina, Yiran, musical actor Kai Shōma, model Rina Fukushi, MAGGY, Ruka Xing, KEITO, Minori Nakada, Sayo Yoshida, Hashizume Ai, model Yuka Suzuki and many guests from various fields.

Onisuka Tiger official website: https://www.onitsukatiger.com

inStyle Asia 

Koshi MizuKami 

Gulf Kanawut 

Glenn Yong, Yamato and Hael Husaini

Taiki and Noah

Julia Castro 

Tokyo based Chinese actress Yiran

Japanese-Filipino model Rina Fukushi 

Twice's MOMO

J-POP singer Taichi Mukai 

Musical actor Kai Shōma

Hael Husaini, Tamara Dai and Glenn Yong


Ruka Xing 


Minori Nakada 

Sayo Yoshida 

Hashizume Ai

Yuka Suzuki 

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