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The bubble-shaped earrings from Tokyo-based YOHEI OHNO a/w 2023-24 collection by designer ōno Yohei in Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO, at a studio in Minami Aoyama Tokyo.

Structural motif ear cuff, one of the stylish looks from Tokyo-based YOHEI OHNO a/w2023-24.

One of the looks from YOHEI OHNO a/w2023-24, the printed design on the dress is inspired by a metal rock band's world tour concert T-shirt. 

YOHEI OHNO, a Japanese women's apparel brand from Tokyo continually creates pieces in a unique way that is not restricted by the traditions of dressmaking, drawing inspiration from anything that is not in a form of clothing such as art, architecture and everyday objects. He is dedicated to modern women of any ethnicities, who are naturally inquisitive and appreciative of cultures.

The presentation is inspired by novelist Tatsuhiko Shibusawa's atelier who is a novelist, art critic, and translator of French literature during Showa period. Designer Ōno creates a lovely world by putting many unworthy but lovely decorations in the room. This season, YOHEI OHNO also released the footwear collection for the first times.

Official website: YOHEI OHNO 
Photo/text: inStyle Asia

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