AMI Paris plans to open its first flagship store in Southeast Asia in Bangkok

Bangkok is known and pinned strategically as a new potential key market and a global tourist destination where the luxury fashion business grow significantly recently, as well as the increasing number of Thai brand ambassadors, friends of house and superstars at the front row seat in global fashion weeks and created the "global phenomenon" along with social media trend worldwide.

AMI Paris is set to open its first flagship store in Southeast Asia and Bangkok is chosen for their strategic expansion plan to Asia in early 2024. 

AMI Paris first launched in 2011 by a French designer Alexandre Mattiussi who always inspired by the stories of Paris to create all iconic items that meet the needs of urban lifestyle, represents a seamless fusion of chic and casual styles. The brand is known for its simple and elegant silhouettes, with a strong emphasis on the quality of tailoring work.

After Sequoia Capital China took majority stake in AMI Paris in 2021, AMI stepped ahead to oversea market and opened its flagship stores such as France, UK, US, China, Japan and  South Korea with more than 350 points of sale worldwide.

PP Group, a global leader in importing and distributing fashion and lifestyle products in Thailand, announced a new brands to the Thai market, with the first being AMI. This marks the brand's debut in Southeast Asia at the 20th anniversary Press Conference 2023 this month.

Suvadee Phungbunphra, Chairman of the PP Group, stated, "Established in 2003, PP Group has consistently earned the trust of fashion and lifestyle product businesses to serve as their official representative for distribution, business operations, and brand image in Thailand. With extensive experience in handling the world’s top luxury fashion brands and an understanding of how to build and grow a brand in Thailand, we see the potential for business expansion by aligning with fashion industry trends.”

She continued, “Over the past five years, PP Group has experienced remarkable business growth. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID crisis, the company has consistently achieved a 45% sales growth rate. In 2023, we expect our sales to reach 2,000 million baht, which is nearly double the growth we achieved five years ago. This growth is attributed to our substantial investment of over 170 million baht to expand our presence by increasing the number of points of sale in strategic locations from the initial 2,254 square meters (20 stores) to 4,342 square meters (40 stores) by the end of this year. Additionally, we are actively working towards expanding our distribution channels into a comprehensive omni-channel platform through the development of the PP Group Online Store."

Orand Puipunthavong, Vice President of the PP Group, said, "The fashion retail market in Thailand has shown consistent growth, especially in the luxury segment. Consequently, brands under the management of the PP Group repeatedly rank among the top globally and regionally. We are committed to expanding our business with new plans, products, and services to offer greater diversity and value to our customers. This aligns with our goal to meet the diverse needs of today's customer demographics, particularly in the lifestyle segment."

"We are also focused on elevating the retail experience to transform brand stores managed by the PP Group into more than just points of sale. We aim to create shopping destinations that both Thai and international customers are eager to visit and engage with, providing an experience on par with the world's most esteemed outlets and flagship stores. Moreover, the company is working actively on the plan to diversify its business structure to adapt to the evolving business model of luxury fashion."

"The plan encompasses the following key initiatives: strengthening our role as a Fashion Distributor; pursuing International Business Joint Ventures, including partnerships with brands like Gentle Monster; and offering Retail Operation Services. Under this retail operation service format, we provide support to brands looking to establish and maintain a presence in Thailand while still lacking market expertise and understanding of the Thai market. We leverage our strengths to support them and manage their business."

"We also offer Marketing and Brand-building Consultancy, leveraging our extensive network within the media and celebrities. Our track record of successful projects serves as a testament to our expertise and inspires confidence. Many international fashion brands have selected us as their trusted consultants for brand building in the Thai market. This service is another key focus area for us.”

The rapid and consistent growth is attributed to one of the key factors that lie at the heart of the company’s success. A diverse brand portfolio offering a wide range of products and services has allowed the PP Group to build a comprehensive business ecosystem. Within this, a wide range of brands and price points has enabled the company to address diverse market needs, resulting in a robust portfolio. PP Group manages a variety of brands, spanning the fashion, food and beverage, and lifestyle categories. Additionally, it has a network of owned channels to further enhance our distribution.

PP Group has established strong relationships with business partners, media outlets, and prominent celebrities, both locally and internationally. These relationships have been cultivated over time, with individuals like Sukwan Bulakul consistently choosing to collaborate with PP Group. It possesses a wealth of expertise in brand building, backed by over two decades of experience in the luxury fashion retail sector. The company’s in-depth understanding of brand development and growth in the Thai market further strengthens its capabilities in this area. Conversely, PP Group takes pride in the fact that many of its projects hold significant influence or soft power, contributing to Thailand's recognition as a desirable travel destination and promoting Thai celebrities on the international fashion stage. Moving forward, the company is committed to sustaining growth, with the vision of becoming the foremost distributor of lifestyle and fashion brands in Thailand, earning the enduring affection of the Thai people.

Over the past two decades, PP Group has constantly solidified its position as a premier importer and distributor, consistently bringing in-demand and trending brands from the global fashion industry to the Thai market. Throughout these 20 years, PP Group has played a significant role in elevating the competitive standards for businesses in the fashion and lifestyle industry within the Thai market. For instance, it was a pioneer in introducing products in the street luxury category to Thailand in 2018. An additional milestone was the establishment of a joint venture, where PP Group became the official distributor for the Casetify brand, introducing a line of cutting-edge lifestyle technology products to the Thai market for the very first time.

Moreover, the company is devising strategies to enhance competitive efficiency and meet consumer demands for purchasing products and services across all platforms, aiming to craft a genuine 'Seamless Shopping Experience.' In line with this vision, it has successfully developed an omnichannel platform specifically for the Casetify brand. This allows customers to easily access and customize products online or in-store, providing a seamless experience for purchasing, receiving, and paying for products through various channels.

PP Group has also revamped its e-commerce infrastructure, ensuring an exceptional user experience that is accessible and user-friendly on all device platforms. Furthermore, it has enhanced the loyalty program, incorporating additional membership benefits and privileges. Users can now conveniently check their reward points and point balances in real-time through the 'PP CLUB' application."

Recently, the company introduced two major brands to the market. The most recent addition, launched on August 24, 2023, involved a joint venture to import the renowned Korean eyeglasses brand, Gentle Monster. The opening of their flagship store at The EmQuartier in Thailand got an overwhelmingly positive market response, with limited edition products selling out on the very first day of their launch. 

In 2024, PP Group has ambitious plans to venture into new market segments. its primary focus is to introduce exciting and trendy new brands, aiming to enhance the diversity of the fashion retail landscape in Thailand. Given the market's potential and the strong purchasing power of consumers, it firmly believes that Thailand is well-prepared to nurture the growth of designer brands, which are often created by owner-designers. These brands showcase a unique blend of the designer's identity, surpassing the traditional house or Maison brands found in the market.

Based on the planned strategies, PP Group is confident in its ability to achieve exponential growth, potentially doubling its size within the next three years. The company aims to expand its business to reach a milestone of 4,000 million by 2026. One of the key areas of focus involves implementing a 'brick and mortar' business model that combines a physical storefront with e-commerce, enabling it to sell products both in physical stores and online, which collectively hold significant potential for its business. Additionally, the company also has a strategic plan in place to expand retail space and increase the number of its points of sale to align with market demands and emerging trends. In the year 2023 alone, the company has doubled its points of sale, going from 20 in both permanent and pop-up stores to a total of 40.

Official website: PPP Group Thailand 
PR: Montree PR 

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