Exclusive Interview: BIG Naughty in WATERBOMB JAPAN 2023

Seo Dong-Hyeon or "BIG Naughty", a Korean rapper and song writer featured with us for an exclusive interview this month. He is known from a music competition TV show "Show Me the Money 8" in 2019 and also released a new Korean single for a viral song "Night Dancer" with a JPOP artist IMASE this year. Big Naughty first performed in Japan at WATERBOMB JAPAN both in Nagoya and Tokyo.

Q: Finally you came to WATERBOMB JAPAN, first times in Tokyo, how you feel?

BIG Naughty: I am so happy and thankful that everyone treated me warmly and cheered me on even though this is my first time performing at TOKYO Waterbomb following WATERBOMB NAGOYA. Above all, there were many young passionate people in Tokyo, so I was able to gain a lot of energy.

Q: Your 3 most favourite things in Japan? (places, food, festivals etc)

BIG Naughty: Sukiyaki, draft Beer, Ichiran Ramen. Among them, I liked draft beer the most.

Q: Now you are getting popular in abroad, What is your next dream?

BIG Naughty: I performed at the events many times, but i don't have my solo concert yet, It's good to perform in music festivals like WATERBOMB, i wanted to meet and getting close to all fans who liked my songs in my solo concert anywhere even in Japan, this is my big goal.

Q; Have you ever visited Thailand?

BIG Naughty: i never go to Thailand for traveling, but i've ever visited there once times for my business trip. i think Thai food look even more delicious than Korean food. It was fun and i also took Tuk Tuk many times.

Q: What is your own definition about love?

BIG Naughty: If we can make the definition of LOVE, i think it's not "LOVE'.

Q: What, Who or where do you draw your inspiration from?

BIG Naughty: i always get an inspiration from my own experience. Actually i got it based on what i've experienced by myself, for example delicious food or people who i met. I met them and talked with them, then i got the inspiration from them.

Q: What is the best lesson you have learned from being a KPOP artist?

BIG Naughty: Honestly, i can say that i don't have any specific lessons. I wanted to make the fun songs and audience also enjoy listening it, that's fine.

Q: Aside from K-POP artist, what’s on your mind these days? Could you provide us with some more insight into your other endeavours you are passionate about?

BIG Naughty: Recently, i want to remember and try to learn about food.

Q: If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?

BIG Naughty: "Just live on your way and let it go naturally, that's great"

Q: What is your favorite music band recently?

BIG Naughty: OASIS

Q: How about movie?


Q: How did you go about translating your style and personalities into your work?

BIG Naughty: Do I have a style? I am not sure. And I'm not even aware of it. (laughs)

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring singers and dancers out there?

BIG Naughty: I think I'm not in a position to give an advice to others yet. When you take the plane, i can give an advice "it's good to use a neck pillow"

Q: What are some of your latest and Upcoming projects?

BIG Naughty: I make my music albums continuely. It's always like that and it will be released soon.

Q: Do you have some projects in abroad? Like film or music.

BIG Naughty: I feel i want to work with many oversea artists. This idea is always in my mind. It doesn't matter what field of music they are.

Q: Please send a message to your international fans?

BIG Naughty: It's really amazing. So many people from overseas have supported me.

You listened my songs, it make me feel thankful. One day i wish i could get closer and communicate with you. Until that day, I keep making the good songs for you.

Interview: inStyle Asia 
BIG Naughty Instagram: bignaughtyboi
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