Reinterpreted the beauty of masculinity SOSHIOTSUKI SS2024

SOSHIOTSUKI by a Japanese designer Soshi Otsuki offers a dandyism concept which is created by Japanese spiritualities. A new dandyism represents the concept of "masculinity"' from a slightly deeper perspective.

SOSHIOTSUKI SS 2024 collection presents a human image that is not bound by "masculinity". For example, a jacket is dyed by using a traditional sleeve attachment technique called "Ame furisode" in Japanese (雨振袖 or Kimono for the rainy day). Just increasing the "gathers part" a little, so he can create an exquisite shape for both masculine and feminine look.

The square neck knit series which is a staple of women's wear, were adapted for men's wear by adjusting the top width. Slightly shifted the   standard rules of the men's clothes and created a subtle sense of discomfort.

All looks were captured by photographer Sakiko Nomura, reveals a new image of SOSHIOTSUKI by incorporating with the female perspective. The images looks moldy and the flowers also means feminine

When designer Soshi Otsuki met photographer Sakiko, he asked her what she think about the flowers and why she used them. It's said that the "Himawari" (= Sunflower) series was born when the word "Sunflowers are scary'" came up.

Its height several meters as designer Soshi remembered since he was a child. He was terrified by viewing the sunflowers with stubby faces and feel like they are staring  him. They are fully blooming in Summer and all of them staring at us. When the summer gone, they all looking down to the ground. That make designer feel "I won! In your face!

Flower arrangement master "Koharu Maru" who arranged various kind of  sunflowers from full bloom to withered pieces. The images of her works were also printed on the shirts.

Styled by KEISUKEYOSHIDA's designer Keisuke Yoshida.  Expressing the sex appeal of a man who wears the masculine clothes, using the beads like pearls necklace and wearing full body stockings.

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