FASHION STORIES: SEVEN by SEVEN x Wrangler from Tokyo

"I never forget to purely enjoy designing clothes myself."
(Junya Kawakami, SEVEN BY SEVEN designer)

The color of red and yellow leaves is not only thing you are expected to enjoy in Autumn. Actually, the sky is so vivid blue and brightest in Autumn.

Junya Kawakami, the designer of SEVEN BY SEVEN does not set a specific theme for each season. He gradually expands his business by developing design ideas sparked by researching fabrics and production techniques into images of the clothes themselves and the people who wears them.

Junya Kawakami was born in 1978. He says "I never intended to pursue a career in fashion," but San Francisco changed his life. "When I first came to the U.S. as a teenager, I just wanted to go there, which I had always dreamed of. I had no purpose. I was just picking up clothes from a pile of donated used clothes as a hobby, and a Japanese used clothes buyer recognized my selection, and I started working in the buying business."

Junya Kawakami had already begun to envision a vague style in the piles of vintage clothing, and when he returned to Japan, he almost taught himself how to make clothes through remake-based work. Then, in 2013, he was entrusted to opening a new store and visited San Francisco for the first time in 10 years for buying.

"When I came here for the first time in a long time, I heard the phrase "Seven by Seven" on the radio and in the streets, and I realized it was the nickname of San Francisco", he said. If he was influenced by "Seven by Seven." he would like his store and brand to be a place like that for many people. This is how Junya Kawakami's SEVEN BY SEVEN started.

When the store first opened 10% of the items SEVEN BY SEVEN, positioned as an original brand and remade by Junya Kawakami's sensibilities. The products became so popular that he decided to create a brand, and when he held an exhibition with 10 of his best pieces, he immediately gained the support of highly sensitive buyers and customers. Armed with the sensitivity he had grown in the mountains of used clothes and the originality he had cultivated through remaking clothes, Junya Kawakami gradually established his current creations. 

SEVEN BY SEVEN is characterized by a manufacturing process that combines the high level of Japanese sewing technology, textured fabrics made on Schoenherr looms, and other techniques that have been passed down through the generations in Japan and finishing them with "meaningful quality". "It is obvious that the quality is high. Recently, I have been designing clothes considering who the technique is for and where I want to deliver the mood to. If you think about the people who make and wear the clothes, the quality will be meaningful as a result" While focusing on high technology, his work is light without leaning on craft, probably because he never forgets his sense of humor. "I make mountain parkas out of suede, or expresses buffalo checks with shades of vintage European workwear fabrics, and I never forget to purely enjoy designing clothes myself."


Official Website: SEVEN BY SEVEN
Venue: Casas
Photo: inStyle Asia

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