Exclusive interview with Da-iCE's Sōta Hanamura

Hyogo prefecture-born J-POP singer, song writer, dancer and actor Sōta Hanamura is one of the 5 members in Da-iCE boys group, formed in 2011 under Avex Management Inc. In December 2021, they won the 63rd Japan Record Awards for a hit song "CITRUS" which he wrote the lyrics. They're playing to huge crowds at the big tour concerts in Japan for more 12 years. 

Sōta Hanamura is not only known as a musician, but he also took various roles as an actor in Japanese TV series, movies and Broadway Musical include JERSEY BOYS. He joined the solo band project "Natural Lag" (from 2020) and the unit "UPSTART" (from 2021) with YouTuber Hikaru, and won the Newcomer Award at 77th Japan Media Arts Festival by Japan's Cultural Affairs Agency. In December 2022, he was appointed as ambassador of Itami city (Hyogo Prefecture), his hometown.

We had a great chance to interview with Sōta Hanamura who shared us about his inspirations and his favourites after  attended the METROCITY S/S2024 collection show and Afterparty as part of Seoul Fashion Week on September 2023. 

I think there are similarities between an artist's job and fashion, was there anything you felt?

Sōta HanamuraI've learned the new things about the importance of expanding the range of expressions and not being limited by common sense. I feel, Art is absolutely awesome.

Please tell us when did you realize you had a passion to become a J-POP singer and how did you get started in the industry?

Sōta HanamuraI had that passion since I was a kid. But when I was 15 years old, I decided to become a singer after hearing people cheered me when I sang the songs at front of many students in my school. Since then, I took a vocal audition in my current agency, and won the grand prize. It was the starting point to enter the music industry.

Hanamura-san, What kind of things you liked the most recently?

Sōta HanamuraIt's bike. I ride a Harley-Davidson FXBRS motorcycle. Now I'm spending more money to customizing it and spent more than the price of the bike. I'm so addicted to do this.

Do you have any plan to become a fashion influencer from your artist career?

Sōta Hanamura: I had only thought about being a singer, dancer, actor etc., but after seeing this fashion show (METROCITY SS2024), I got interested in fashion.

What would you be now, if you had not became an artist?

Sōta Hanamura: May be
 a part-time worker. Even now, the only things I can really get passionate are music and acting.

What artist has influenced you the most?

Sōta HanamuraTaeyang from BIGBANG. I learned his awesome vocal style and dancing moves. 

Next is, Naul from BROWN EYES SOUL. I was impressed by his singing abilities and referred for my vocal performance. 

And Frankie Valli. Last year, when I played the role of Frankie Valli in a Broadway musical "JERSEY BOYS", I've learned new thing about vocal techniques.

Recently what's your favourite movie?

Sōta Hanamura: JERSEY BOYS

What is your most favourite 3 thing in Korea?

Sōta Hanamura: Dak Hanmari (Korean style chicken stew), IVE and Fashion.

Can you speak Korean? If you can, what is your most favourite Korean words?

Sōta HanamuraI can't speak Korean, but I remembered a sentence "yeong su jeung ju se yo (영수증 주세요)"! My younger sister is studying in Korea and she can speak Korean, so I'd asked her to teach me so that I can speak with her in the future.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?

Sōta Hanamura: Learn English and Korean!!

Is there any subject in particular, that you would like to do in the future?

Sōta HanamuraI would like to collaborate with Korean artists. I want to sing and dance with them as representatives of Korea and Japan.

METROCITY's new collection is inspired by a legendary Studio 54 in Manhattan, New York. What do you imagine about New York city and the legendary discotheque in America?

Sōta HanamuraIt's so cool. funky but elegant!

What is your most favourite items from METROCITY?

Sōta HanamuraI really wanted to buy the pink setup clothes I wore this time.

What are some of your latest and upcoming projects?

Sōta Hanamura: I would like to do a tour concert in Asia someday in the future.

Do you have any messages you would give to your fans?

Sōta Hanamura: Nice to meet you. My name is Sōta Hanamura from Da-iCE. I will try my best to see you again next times.

Follow him to get all the latest updates via his instagram, TikTok and X,  and plan your trip to see him on the upcoming movies and his concert in Japan next times!

Da-iCE's Official Website: Da-iCE.jp 
SŌTA Hanamura: INSTAGRAM | TikTok  | X 

Thanks to METROCITY JAPAN and Sōta Hanamura
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