Onmyoji Ø (The Yin-Yang Master Zero)

The release date of a Japanese film "Onmyoji Ø" (The Yin-Yang Master Zero) is set on 19 April 2024. Kento Yamazaki will take the role of young Seimei Abe and Shota Sometani as Hiromasa Minamoto who likes plying flute and this times he asks Seimei to solve the case. 

Nao, Masanobu Ando, ​​Nijiro Murakami, Rihito Itagaki, Jun Kunimura, Kazuki Kitamura and Kaoru Kobayashi are also announced as main characters. The movie's screenplay is influenced by novel series "Onmyoji" by Baku Yumemakura, depicts the story of Seimei at school before he became an onmyoji.

Onmyoji or Yin Yang master is one of the most popular Japanese stories in Asia. Based on the true story during Kyoto palace massively adopted the Chinese culture include Onmyo-do (Yin Yang Philosophy, Wuxing or 5 elements) in early Heian period.

Kento Yamazaki said "It was great to be able to create the new Onmyoji or Abe Seimei while i'm talking with director Shimako Sato"

"I'm happy that I was able to create the relationship between Seimei and Hiromasa that was drawn by the original author, Baku Yumemakura, with Sometani"

"The relationship between two characters is truly adorable! I'm glad I was able to present Onmyoji as a great entertainment. Although the story is set in Japan more 1,000 years ago, there were many things that are relevant to the present day. This is a work I want you to watch because we are overflowing by information and don't know which one we can believe!''

Shota Sometani said "As i took the role of Hiromasa, It was great and creative experience to be able to take part in the moment when Abe Seimei was born and played by Kento. It's treasure'' 

Yumemakura, an original novel author appreciated both two lead characters and said "Yamazaki as Seimei and Sometani as Hiromasa were both far superior from what I expected, although I had read the script and knew the story, but I'm crying in tears several times".

The film is set to show in theaters (Japan) on 19 April 2024.

Official websitewarnerbros.co.jp/onmyoji0
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