Dragons of Wonder Hatch is announced in Tokyo Comiccon 2023

In December 2024, "Dragons of Wonder Hatch (ワンダーハッチ -空飛ぶ竜の島-), a latest work from Disney+ is announced on the main stage at Tokyo Comiccon by actor Shunsuke Takeuchi, Arata Mackenyu and film director "Kentaro Hagiwara" (Our 30 Minute Sessions, Blue Period)

The film is set into two worlds, the real world is depicted in live-action and fantasy world is presented in animation. Arata Mackenyu takes the role of "Akuta", a hero who can ride the dragon both in two worlds.

Arata have to speak in "Upananta language'' which is created for this film and he confessed it was really difficult during work for this film. Takeuchi takes the role of Akuta as a voice actor in animation part .

“it was extremely difficult because the language is created just for this work. I have learned Spanish and i can speak English, so if it's similar to those language, it would be easy...''

Mackenyu Arata (One Piece, Rurouni Kenshin, Our 30 Minute Sessions, Over Drive), one of the lead actors in Disney+'s "Dragons of Wonder Hatch (ワンダーハッチ -空飛ぶ竜の島-) mentioned to Upananta language and he also shares his experience about the difficult things he faced during filming.

Daiken Okudaira who plays the leading role, worked really hard. On the day I cranked in, he had to speak Opanta language in long sentences and he did fluently.'' Arata also mentioned to his co-starring actor. Dragons of Wonder Hatch is currently streaming worldwide on Disney+

Cast: Sena Nakajima, Daiken Okudaira, Arata Mackenyu, Emmanuel Yuto, Rena Tanaka, Masaki Miura, Riko Narumi, Sumire and more.

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