Junya Enoki and Toshiki Masuda at Semantic Error the Movie Part Premiere in Japan!

To commemorate the première of a Korean film "Semantic Error the Movie part 1'' (セマンティックエラー  in Japanesež, two Japanese voice actors; Junya Enoki (as Jang Jae-young) and Toshiki Masuda (as Chu Sang -Woo) who are working for dubbing in Japanese version make a special appearance at Tokyo's Shinjuku on 13 Jan 2024.

Based on a Korean webtoon novel which is won the BL Novel Award and also popular worldwide.

■ What is your impression about Jang Jae-young, a most popular good-looking boy in school? Junya said "I'm worried about how to portray Jae-Young's atmosphere because he is totally opposite type from the characters I usually plays. When I tried it, i felt surprisingly good (laugh). He said what he wanted to say, he talks straight, and sometimes I thought he was overdoing, but he felt good when he did. Especially for Sang Woo, the amount of harassment he made against him may looks so childish, but I think it's his charm and shows off his free-spirited nature.''

Toshiki is also asked about how he felt when he took the role as Sang Woo. "It was fun! In my self-analysis, I also have the negative side like Sang-woo, so it was really easy to play this role (laugh). Sangwoo is a talent and a perfectionist, so he is able to fight in a way that makes sense even when he says negative things about his opponent, which I felt good about it because I can't do that.''

■ Something that made you feel so exciting recently?

Junya talking about his beloved ramen and also revealed his experience when he fell in love with a dish he didn't know at a dried sardines style ramen restaurant. Enoki talked about his routines and experiences related to the characters in the film, he said "I deleted all emails from auditions I didn't get.''

■ What had recently excited you in your lives? Junya repeatedly emphasized the charming of seasoned soba noodles. "I've lived for 33 years and it happened!.'' Junya spilled a word "Talking fluently. It's unbelievable that he is a person with gloomy personality". Toshiki said "That's why I'm gloomy character" which make audience laughed happily.

At the event, Junya shares about his favourite zombie films and dramas, revealed that he watched them on the New Year's holiday. He especially likes zombie movies with the running scene, and while watching them, he imagined how he would escape if he were that character.

Talk about the error-like the film title "Semantic error", Toshiki said "Yesterday there was a trouble and something happened. I'm on stage like today and  rehearsing since 16.00'' Junya feel surprise and asked him "You came to the venue, that should be OK!?". But in fact, that rehearsal is for another day, so he feel better. Toshiki continuely explained "if you are not a popular actor, you won't be able to get double booking quickly, right? It shouldn't happen, but I was a bit excited, it was a kind of "error'', i think"

Junya told a story about his mistake when he thought he had made a reservation at a restaurant, but he couldn't make a reservation right at front of the restaurant. It was an unexpected incident, so he had no choice, entered the restaurant, easily take a seat and everything went well.

The talk event closing with the special greetings from two actors. Junya said "The interactions between the two characters are light, witty and interesting, so I think it can be recommended to watch by many people. I hope you can watch it like the New Year's movie with your family.  After watching this 1st part, i wish you will watch the 2nd part”

Toshiki said "I think this film is made as a light BL drama so it can be enjoyed even by people who never have much experience with BL contents. I think those people will be able to enjoy the 2nd part without expecting anything. On the other hand, it's a frustrating film for those who are familiar with it, so I think it's a work that will serve as a  starting point for understanding various kind of works in the BL industry. Looking forward to see you in the 2nd part.”

The 2nd part will be released on 26 Jan 2024.

Official websitehttps://semaera.jp/

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