Park Seo-Ham greeting to all Japanese fans before Semantic Error The Movie make its Japan premiere on 26 January 2024

Good news! We had recently got a comment from Park Jae-chan, a lead actor from a big hit Korean film "Semantic Error".

"I feel a little embarrassed because I will be performing on a movie theater screen rather than on the stage, but I would be happy if many people interested in my work'' 

Talk about shooting.

"It was so cold. I remembered when i breathed out, my breath turned foggy. On winter days, we all gathered around the stove to warm our hands and mouths. It's a memory that return on winter every year. I think about this because the atmosphere at the shooting set is really good, I even don't mind about the cold weather, and it was really fun scene.". At the end, Jae-chan also told to those who are not sure for watching the film "10 minutes, no more''

Park Seo-ham who took the role of Jae-young commented on the video! He served in the military until December last year, and this is a long waiting message to his fans after the film released in Japan.

He is originally active as an idol in a K-POP group named KNK and also spent time with BTS members when he was a trainee before his debut, and they still keep contact until today. As the role of Jae-young, Seo-ham showed his charisma as "the most popular guy in school''. He did perfectly and received positive feedback. In the video, he wears a suit and expressing his gratitude to his Japanese fans. 

Three special shots from "Semantic Error The Movie" are released! The first one captured a memorable moment when Sang-woo caring about Jae-young's injury and the two of them getting closer since then.

"Semantic Error the Movie" is two parts series. The first part is currently showing in Japan theaters and the 2nd part will be released on 26th January 2024 (Friday).

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