10 years anniversary eyewear collection from KIJIMA TAKAYUKI

This Wellington-type eyeglasses is crafted by using rare dead stock navy blue celluloid through the high skills of craftsmen in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, the city is  widely known as the city of eyewear in Japan.

With a design that is both genderless, and yet versatile style in its smoked gray lenses. The aesthetics of KIJIMA TAKAYUKI's collection match the sense of "exceptional'' for basic items that can be used for long time. Comes with original Carney case and a cleaning cloth.

"Eyewear has the power to change the impression around your face, similar to headdress. If you balance your look with a hat and a sunglasses, there are nothing to say more" (KIJIMA)

Its name is inspired by Kearney Street in San Francisco where designer Fujiki Kumagai used to stay when he was a used clothes buyer and this name also conveys the meaning of "the intersection of history and culture.''

The celluloid materials are used in all glasses based on a desire to pass on the craftsmanship in eyewear industry that widely used by people in an era to the future generations.

KIJIMA TAKAYUKI is celebrating its 10th anniversary after changed the name from "couer" in September 2023. The finest works by Takayuki Kijima, a Japanese designer who making the hats for more 30 years, has caught the eye of fashion designers and creators both in Japan and around the world for numerous collaboration items. Check it when you are looking for one of the best eyeglasses in Japan.

Official websitehttp://www.kijimatakayuki.com/

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