Seoul Fashion Week 2024 started!

2024 F/W Seoul Fashion Week, Opening on 2.1(Thu), 21 fashion shows going on stage 

- The earliest opening in history… Being held for 5 days from 2.1(Thu) at DDP and Seongsu S Factory

 - Fashion shows of 21 brands and 68 brand trade shows planned…Buyer registration proceeded until 1.29.(Mon)

 - NewJeans posters and videos consecutively released to promote Seoul Fashion Week

 - Seoul Fashion Week will grow into a platform that fashion people and buyers seek out

©2024 Seoul Fashion Week 

Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that '2024 F/W Seoul Fashion Week' will be held for 5 days from February 1st (Thu) to 5th (Mon). Group poster of NewJeans, the ambassador of Seoul Fashion Week, was released along with the announcement for the Seoul Fashion Week, which is a venue to reveal the fall and winter fashion trends of 2024 in advance. 

2024 F/W Seoul Fashion Week will consist of ▴fashion shows of 21 brands (15 in DDP, 6 in Seongsu SFactory) and ▴trade shows with 68 brands and 300 buyers from home and abroad (100 from 14 overseas countries).

This year, a larger number of young brands with high growth potential was invited and the fashion show extended its stage to 'Seongsu', the fashion mecca. 

68 apparel brands, merchandises and jewelry brands including brands staged in the fashion show will be showcased in the trade show, and major department stores, boutique shops, online shopping malls, showrooms and fashion-related investors from home and abroad will gather. 

This year, the fashion show is happening 6 weeks earlier than last year. Due to the growing interest in K-Fashion across the globe along with more buyers visiting Seoul Fashion Week every year, Seoul Fashion Week will be carried out prior to Big Four fashion weeks (▴New York ▴Paris ▴Milan ▴London) with an aim to raise interest and capture the attention of major buyers and global fashion media. 

In order to enhance interest in ‘Seoul Fashion Week’, the poster embodied the concept of all members of NewJeans taking a 'photo shoot' while wearing the collections of the brands involved in 2024 F/W Seoul Fashion Week (▴HANNASHIN ▴JULYCOLUMN ▴ULKIN). Global focus on the style of NewJeans along with its fandom is expected to lead to growth in interest for K-Fashion.

NewJeans was selected as the ambassador for Seoul Fashion Week on February 2023, and is continuing with the role this year as well. NewJeans will promote Seoul Fashion Week and K-Fashion brands to global fashion people by appearing in posters (group, individual) and videos for each season. 

Seoul Metropolitan Government is planning to carry out various events by consecutively releasing various posters and video (▴Official promotional video ▴Short-form ▴Interview ▴Making film) contents before the event on Seoul Fashion Week YouTube (@SFW_official) and Instagram (@seoulfashionweek_official) starting with 2 group posters of NewJeans.

Seoul Metropolitan Government will also hold an event for citizens where they will get a chance to participate directly in the fashion shows of 21 brands of Seoul Fashion Week,  from February 1st (Thu) to 5th (Mon). Registrations can be made from January 16th (Tue) to 24th (Wed) for 9 days on the official SNS (Instagram) of Seoul Fashion Week, and 200 winners will be selected through a draw. 

QR code entrance tickets will be sent to registered phone numbers of the winners from January 26th (Fri) to 29th (Mon).

In addition, buyers of trade shows from home and abroad can register through Seoul Fashion Week website ( for 18 days from January 12th (Fri) to 29th (Mon).

Buyers can gain insight on the trends of the next season and also get a chance to collaborate with fashion brands while carrying out meetings at the trade show.

Director Kwon So-hyeon of Beauty & Fashion Industry Division at Seoul Metropolitan Government said, “I hope participants will be able to get a glimpse of the trends of the fashion industry for the year through Seoul Fashion Week and also understand the competitiveness and power of K-Fashion in the global fashion market,” and added, “We will continue to develop Seoul Fashion Week so that it can grow into a global fashion business platform that is sought out by fashion people and buyers leading the global fashion trends.”

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