Kidill brings a Japanese style punk inspiration rocked on the runway in Paris Fashion Week

In August 2023, the world has lose a British artist Jamie Reid who is best known as the designer of the Sex Pistols' iconic jackets and logo. 

Since collaborated for Kidill Fall/Winter 2020 collection, Jamie had a close relationship with Kidill's designer Hiroaki Sueyasu.

"Jamie Reid is my starting point. Although the great people who found a punk culture in that era passed away, it's our duty to keep them moving on and not end the essence of punk-ness which has had various influences to new generations nowadays. I'd like to express my condolences in my own way and say 『They are eternities』"

"Sometimes a style which is an object of iconography, ran through the time. It also risk of being reproduced, consumed and then turned into a mere shell"

Hiroaki believed that stylized beauty absorbs various kinds of things along the trends in that days. While they are returned to present, it continuely exist in the future. It not just destruction or negation. it’s a pop culture by people who living in the same era continuely rebooting what we called『punk』 . Giving them positive energy is the main theme of Kidill's Fall/Winter 2024 collection with a theme "What Ever Happened To Punk". Swipe to see more the iconic punk fashion from Japan in Paris Fashion Week.

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