The Moon Thieves will be the opening movie for Osaka Asian Film Festival 2024

The Special Opening Film of the 19th Osaka Asian Film Festival (running from March 1-10) will be the Japan Premiere screening of The Moon Thieves (盜月者). This is the third feature film from Steve YUEN Kim-Wai (袁劍偉) and it stars members of Cantopop boyband MIRROR.

This stylish crime drama features a story that includes real-life historical facts based on an attack that took place on a watch shop in Tokyo in 2010 that was carried out by a gang of thieves from Hong Kong. The film, shot on location in Tokyo and Hong Kong, features thieves locked in a thrilling game of betrayal while executing audacious acts of larceny. The thieves are played by Anson LO (盧瀚霆), Edan LUI (呂爵安), Louis CHEUNG (張繼聰), Michael NING (白只), and with KEUNG To (姜濤) for a special appearance, as a ruthless watch dealer.


Vincent Ma Man-shun (Edan LUI) is an expert at making “refitted” watches. He buys pawned watches, removes parts, and refits them into custom-made watches which he sells for a profit. Their legality is questionable since his products are essentially counterfeits. This is leverage used by a crooked watch dealer, the ruthless Uncle( KEUNG To), to force Vincent to put together a team of thieves to steal three valuable watches from a store in Tokyo. He will be working with veteran thief Chief (Louis CHEUNG), explosives expert Mario (Michael NING) and young master lock breaker Yoh (Anson LO). Right from the get-go, Vincent sees a lack of trust and understands that each man has an ulterior motive for joining and it all comes to a head when they find an even more valuable watch - The Moonwatch - and one of the members takes it. Thus, a thrilling story where they are pursued by the yakuza ensues...


Steve Yuen Kim-Wai is a veteran director of commercials and music videos. His feature-film debut Heaven In The Dark (暗色天堂/2016) was nominated for the Best Lead Actor and the FIPRESCI Award at the Golden Horse Film Festival. His follow-up film, Legally Declared Dead (死因無可疑/2019), received praise while on the international festival circuit. In 2022, he directed the 15-episode TV drama about basketball We Got Game which stars members of MIRROR and ERROR, two Cantopop boybands, as well as actor Louis CHEUNG (The Narrow Road (窄路微塵/ OAFF2023)).

For his film The Moon Thieves (2024), he once again worked with actor Louis CHEUNG and members of MIRROR, Edan LUI (Over My Dead Body (死屍死時四十四/ OAFF2023), Hong Kong Family (過時·過節/OAFF2023)), Anson LO (It Remains (釀魂/2023), Hong Kong Family), and KEUNG To (Mama’s Affair (阿媽有咗第二個/OAFF2022)). They are joined by Michael NING (Anita (梅艷芳/OAFF2022), Hand Rolled Cigarette (手捲煙/OAFF2021)).

The Moon Thieves will have its world premiere in February in Hong Kong. Its Japan premiere screening takes place on March 05, midway through OAFF 2024, as the Special Opening Film. It will be the first title to play at the festival’s main venue of ABC Hall where there will be an opening ceremony to welcome guests.

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