YUEQI QI in Autumnal looks with a new theme Machines of Loving Grace

Runway Collection
Machines of Loving Grace

Machines of Loving Grace is YUEQI QI’s Ride of the Valkyries. A group of reluctant heroines band together to fight back against the digital Moloch. It is a journey back to nature, lit with smartphones. It’s becoming more difficult to parse what is real and what is augmented, and our heroines have had enough. They want the real thing.

With steady hands, flowers are dissected, pinned down, and rebuilt with human made materials. Deadstock headphones are repurposed to become anthers of flowers. Recycled PTE is used as petals on the laser cut garments. Crocheted collars and cuffs act as the sepal to support the pistil. The flowers are supported by a strong foundation of burnout and stone washed denim.

Imprints of flowers are found on washed denim and jersey like fossils of extinct plants. Laser cut-out petals on bomber skirts act as hieroglyphs and memories of nature are pieced back together like an intricate puzzle. Mycelium cut shirts and
skirts are an homage to fungi and their vast ecological networks.

Floral headpieces are made of denim which has been cut, washed, lasered, and form closely to the skull. Bomber jackets contain the headphone anther motif and stars. Why? Because we traded our stars for the city lights and we miss them dearly. Faux-fur shearling coats are available in vanilla mint and brown poodle. They are floral, studded, and warm as hell.

Yueqi put out a call to her customers to send in their old clothes for an upcycling project. She took what was old and undesirable and reworked them into showpieces. Knit sweaters were unwound and the yarn was used to crochet flowers for the crochet flower dresses. Many of the garments were laser cut into Yueqi’s Kanji Heart logo and worked into the floral showpieces. The process is documented and people who donated are invited to the show and see their reincarnated clothes.

This collection is supported by Adidas and Apple. Adidas donated some sneakers for the show which have been deconstructed and embellished. Apple donated Apple Watches which have been repurposed into a digitally active necklace. We are very grateful to them both and are happy to collaborate.

This collection is not against society and it’s future with modern technology. It is acelebration of human endeavor and a sanguine vision of harmonious symbiosis between nature and technology. We go back to nature under the supervision of Machines of Loving Grace.

Photographer:Yi Tuo @yi.tuo
Producer:MOBIUS HUB @youpojiang
PR Support:BOH PROJECT @boh.project
Sylist:Yueqi Qi
Hair:Zhounan @Heiya Studio
Make up:Naomi Xia @Freya Team
Model:Cao Xxinya,Melanie,Zheng Ke,Bian Xiaoyuan,Wang Rui,Song Peize,Fu Yiran,Lala,Hu Mengchen
Special thanks to:Team QIQI、adidas originals、APPLE
PR (Japan): Matt Tokyo Seoul

Official website: https://yueqiqi.com
Instagram: YUEQI QI

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