Christopher Lloyd and Thomas F.Wilson in Osaka Comic Con 2024

Like back to a childhood dream when Christopher Lloyd and Thomas F. Wilson, two lead actors from a legendary hit series "Back to the Future" appeared on the stage and make fun together in 𝗢𝘀𝗮𝗸𝗮 𝗖𝗼𝗺𝗶𝗰 𝗖𝗼𝗻 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟰, Japan.

In the series Back to the Future, Christopher Lloyd takes the role of a genius scientist named Dr. Emmett Brown and Thomas F. Willer plays as Biff Tannen. They were interviewing with many questions from fans in Japan.

Thomas: I'm so excited each time i come back (to Comic Con) and it's my first times in Osaka. The view from window I'm seeing the city, it's amazing. 

Takumi Saito: May i ask Thomas, would you like to share any memories when you are shooting Back to the Future?

Thomas: Back to the Future was really my first movie. I've done some American Television as  some role in night rider before. Those kind of works are sort of TV show. When i had a movie like that (Back to the Future) so it became my first movie. I was hoping to do the good job and tried my best. Now, i'm approaching with the great deal of humour with relaxation which you can say i'm just a normal person, I'm just having fun with this. But when i was a movie actor with great historical characters, i tried to do good job, very nervously and working very hard, very hard. i become friendly and good friend with Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox, Lea Thomson. It's so wonderful and so many years to be friend with them, to participate in something together and have moved on with many people in such a powerful way, to me it's amazing.

LiLico: Also for us, it's a very special movie, and we really want to ask both of you. What do you think it's a biggest reason why Back to the Future is beloved by so many people?

Christopher: It's a time space story, it's about exploring the future galaxy and everybody had imagined about it. What if i could do that 50 years before the time. The space is just never stop and all imagination come up with. I think it's curiousity about the time space.

Thomas: To me, it's amazing that the movie have big effects and big excitement and going to the future with a machine and such an adventure. But i think why it struck to the core in the whole world and every generations, it's a simple story about the boy and his friends, and they travelled in time and he meet mother and father. Do he like them, what kind of people are there, what kind of world they are living, can i understand mother and father a little better, because this time machine so yes, it's a biggest adventure movie, but also yes, it's a very small story about the family and friends, that's why i think everyone love the story, their heart is touched by the small stories about the family and friends.

Lea Thomson can't join the Osaka Comic Con this times so she sent a video message.

Lea Thomson: Konnichiwa, I'm Lea Thomson, I'm Lorraine Baines-McFly in Back to the Future, I'm so sorry I'm not there Osaka Comic Con, I'm in Canada. I knew you had a great time, Thomas, Christopher, my great friends and i hope to see you next times. Arigato, you are absolute dreamers.

Thomas: well, i will say. That not just good enough.

(Audience laughing)

Takumi Saito: May i ask to Thomas, what is your favourite scenes in Back to the Future trilogy?

Thomas: My favourite scenes, i love the scene in the west as a cowboy with Christopher, with Michael. What boys around the world doesn't dream coming into the saloon. Although it's American boys but everybody like to enter the scene and dressed as cowboy like this. (He acting as a cowboy)

I grew up in Philadelphia, a city much like Osaka, i didn't ride horses, i did not shoot gun, i did not spin the robes on horseback and i have to learn all of those skills from legend of Hollywood. It's all about the man who work with John Wayne, John Ford and those kind of people, i have to learn those skill from them. So it's just a dream to be on horseback and the rope (hum the song). It's just a dream for boy from Philadelphia like Osaka where people ride the train. I never ride the horses.

Christopher: They had a premiere for Back to the Future 2 or may be 3 in London and sponsored by Princess Diana. I went there and Michael was unable to attend. I found her very attractive and awesome way. 

Christopher Lloyd said there are so many memories from this film and he recalls a memory on the premiere day in London. he sat next to Princess Diana who are fond of the film. He ended the conversation by revealing his favourite scene. It's the one when Biff Tannen crashes into the manure truck.

LiLiCo: We love Back to the Future, and we also love Adams Family. How did you prepare to play as uncle Fester in Adams Family?

Christopher: When i was young, i liked Charles Addams, Adams Family was a cartoon (by Charles Addams) on The New yorker weekly magazine. He particularly got an attention on my humour and 10 years later I were called to be uncle Fester in the film.

Takumi Saito: We wanted to asked both of you, we got an exciting news and knew that Michael J.Fox is returning to acting career again, Would you like to work with him in a new movie?

Christopher: I'd love to work with him, especially in Back to the Future 4 or any movies, or any theaters.

Thomas: Of course. Michael is a great actor, and a great human being, working with him is fun, he is such a friendly person and we had a wonderful time together, telling the story together. But during acting, he acts with the kind of intensity, with the talent, with the focus that i think he is the actor i'd like to work with. He's coming both friendly and fun. In the working time, he focuses intensity and talent, so i'd love to work with him anytime as long as i get paid. 

Thomas laughed and said "It's (about getting paid) just a joke"

And then Yuriyan Retriever, a popular Japanese comedian appeared on the stage, she gave the flower bouquets to Christopher Lloyd and Thomas F. Wilson.

Yuriyan Retriever: Thank you for coming to Osaka Comic Con. We are happy to meet you and this is my dream to meet you. I'm waiting to meet you for long time since i was born. Thank you. But i think you might thought i'm   suspicious or dangerous person. Can i check my body to prove that i am not dangerous. Can i check my body?

Yuriyan Retriever: (after checked body) I'm safe.

Thomas: Oh, Good, good.

Yuriyan Retriever: Thank you.

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