BED f.w. FORD SS2025 in Paris Fashion Week


2025 Spring Summer Collection

LYCÉE HENRI IV, 12.30-15.00, Sunday 23rd June 2024.

That worker - walking without hesitation amidst the swirl of people toward its destination being in the evening or when the sky is the darkest, sometimes in the rain. Everyday necessities in the pockets on the passage home is the same as yesterday and same again tomorrow. The crisp shirt, worn-out throughout time the day, the sleeves are crumpled and rolled up with the loosened tie. The body screams of fatigue. Heart crying out yearning just to go home, longing for good nights sleep and rest but at the same time moving forward with determination. The worker already has found the energy to life. A tiny courage and a little happiness to overcome the contradictions in the worker's dignified scenario leaving the tiredness in the heart behind for yesterday and walking again to the same new day.

A longing for rest. An escape from the everyday hustle of life. Shinpei Yamagishi says that the starting point for the Spring/Summer 2025 collection was these simple and plain notion that anyone has in mind. For Yamagishi who sublimates the reality of his subjective view into his collections, the realization of the "reality itself" of the workers, its sweat and presence was thought out during this designing process. The existence of family, loved ones, and all those who work for their own ambitions, wants, happiness, protection, and dreams gave a bit of a constructive and a playful touch to the designs.

The designer imagines everybody at work, from office workers to construction crews to the caretakers of the houses people live in, returning home after a long hard day's work. "They go home same as usual", but in some instance, unusuality, they buy flowers or a bottle of wine for their partner waiting for at home, or buying a leuro candy, the daughters favorite. "Isn't there a life-size, exquisite happiness dwelling in these ordinary moments? When I became aware of this, instantly I found an unmade, unparalleled beauty harboring in the exhausted and deflated behind."

The ambience of the patterns for the Spring/Summer 2025 collection is defined with the brand's shape as a base and retaining the moment of "the worker's" outfits. Shrunken sleeves fastened with straps and natural hems that works with the flow synergies with the setups and the supple shirts, creating a unique mix of chic austerity and unpretentiousness. More light-hearted than ever, Yamagishi's wit metaphors peoples state of mind, the light sound of the bells that informs the days end of work, elliptical textiles that impose to the viewers intuition, assorted belts with heavy buckles, three-dimensional motif expressing the human soul longing for rest. One strutting with a perfect posture and straight eyes, walks around busily with his leather tool bag and the weedy shoes.

This nonchalant demeanor that the brand is oriented toward is the very essence of the internal appeal of people feeling the fatigue. Fo designer who says, "This collection is a praise and sympathy to working people. Holding a love to life where miracles don't occur, a theater created by the workers. I myself would like to be a part cast."

Designer: Shinpei Yamagishi
Stylist: Mauricio Nardi
Casting: Chouaib Arif
Hair: Shunsuke Meguro (Future Rep)
Make-up: Kazuyuki Sato (ArtList)
Music: Shinji Wakasa
Show Director: Blaed Agency
Coordinator: Azusa Nozaki
Art Director: Tatsuya Yamaguchi
Runway Pictures: Luca Tombolini
Movie Production: Andrea Angelini
Photography: Genki Nishikawa (mild inc.)
International PR: Ritual Projects
Japan PR: Sakas PR

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