Gucci in Kyoto exhibition 2021

Gucci celebrating her 100th anniversary in 2021 through a special project "Gucci In Kyoto" at  Kyoto, the sister city of Florence, Italy where is the birthplace of the brand. "Gucci in Kyoto" presents Alessandro Michele 's aesthetic vision through his latest collection "Aria".

The 1st chapter was opened at Kiyomizu-dera Temple where is registered as the World Cultural Heritage site, "Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto"

Deep in the green Mt. Otowa, the historic buildings like the main hall, wooden corridor (butai) and Okuno-in at Kiyomizu-dera Temple, were fused with the illuminated digital forest lights by Gucci and the latest Aria collection. On this one-night-only exclusive installation, several shows include the Noh mask dance and Gagaku court dance were performed to symbolize the rebirth of life. 

The 2nd chapter is held at "Kawasaki Family Former Residence" where is registered as the designated tangible cultural property of Kyoto city. A Japanese traditional townhouse where is uniquely blended both Western and Oriental architectural styles. The exhibition "Gucci Bamboo House" with the bamboo theme is presening here. To celebrate the tradition and modernity, creativity and craftsmanship, opened to public by appointment via Gucci Japan official website from now until Aug 15th.

The 3rd chapter is held at 9th century-established Ninna-ji Temple in Kyoto. The Gucci's high-jewelry collection "Holtus delicialum" which means "garden of delights" and the latest fine watch collection were revealed here.

Gucci event in Kyoto, inspired by the concept Rebirth of Life and Garden of Delights, Gucci presents the latest luxury jewelry and fine watch collection at Ninna-ji Temple, a world cultural heritage site where it was Omuto court, a former retired palace of the emperors last thousand years ago at Kyoto, an old capital of Japan.

On 19/7/2021, half Japanese and Chinese actress "Emi Suzuki" or "Wu Zi-Liang", a renowned Japanese celebrity stunned in her pastel dress with the charming timeless pieces at the temple passage where the Oriental elegance of Hei-an and Tang style were blended in the fareast Asia. 

On the calming space in an early Summer after the rainy days, there were many beautiful fusuma paintings on the sliding doors, large birdcage-like decorations and the shelves filled with green leaves and moss. High jewelry sets with the stars and water motifs were displayed there. Additionally, this products can be seen only at the High Jewelery & Fine Watch flagship store at Place Vendome in Paris, France. 

Combined with the latest collection "Gucci Aria", the colors of the jewelry sparkling the fairy-like dreams through the artistic vision of director Alessandro Michele in the iconic Japanese background. The name of the high jewelery collection is "Holtus Delicialum" which means "Garden of Delights" in Latin.

On the opening day (18/7/2021), many renowned Japanese celebrities attended the night event at Kiyomizu-dera Temple included Miyavi Ishihara, Tadanobu Asano, Zen Shimada, Itagaki Rihito, Nagayama Eita, Koyuki, Ko Shibasaki, Ai Tominaga, Michi, Yoshiaki, Anne Nakamura, Sakura Ando, Momoko Ando and more.

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mage: Emi Suzuki, Itagaki Rihito, Zen Shimada, Gucci Japan Official

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