Ayden Sng and his motivations this year

This year is a very special year for Ayden Sng, a renowned Singaporean actor who just renovated his new home with many stunning corners like his private bar and Japanese style living room with his 2 cute felines.

“I’m a firm believer of finding and creating stress-free spaces that you can truly unwind in - spaces that invoke happy memories, spaces that act as sanctuary, away from the noise, clutter and toxicity present in the other parts of life”

“It’s also true that I now have to be a lot more conscious about my spending and earnings since my financial strain is significantly higher. 2021 was a year of spending (especially with all things house-related) which is why 2022 needs to be a year of earning and investing!”, he shared his current attitude and his lifestyle.

Image: Ayden Sng

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