F.Hero, High Cloud Entertainment founder talked about "Family" and his feelings to Hiro LDH after released the big project.

F.Hero, High Cloud Entertainment founder from Thailand shared his feelings to Hiro EXILE and LDH Japan's management after signed to be partnership with "LDH JAPAN ENTERTAINMENT", one of the largest entertainment groups in Japan and held a press conference at hotel Gajoen, Tokyo on 11 May 2022.

"To meet Hiro EXILE is a luckiest chance in my life, knew him, HIRO is a BIG BOSS and a BIG BROTHER.

One day he took me visit LDH company, The first group who I met are all LDH Japan's executives. He told me that they traveled together since the first day. They're all brothers.

I wasn't surprised when I learned more about LDH Japan's management. Because Hiro's vision and his business management paid attention highly as being a family.

When any artists in group have PASSION what they wanted to do, or any things, not only music, Hiro and LDH group will plan and support them to grow up together.

Here, we can see artists in LDH with many branches of business. From fashion brands, restaurants, beverages to boxing gyms.

LDH's management made me realize that this is a Japan's largest entertainment kingdom. There are many artists who had world class abilities. They respect each other like brothers and members in the family. Like Hiro and LDH Japan who respect my family and my team since we arrived in Japan.

On the day i visited, I had an opportunity to see the trainees at LDH's dancing school where they showed me the dance. It's EXILE dance that has been passed from generation to generation. I was so impressed. LDH is not only pushing all artists in the company to grow up, but they also never forget to plant the new seeds to show their own spirit and identities as well.

Thanks to Chet Asia for introduced me and High Cloud Entertainment to meet Hiro and joinned the NEW SCHOOL BREAKIN' project which I will take care EXILE TRIBE's BALLISTIK BOYZ and PSYCHIC FEVER in Thailand, one of the greatest honours for my work.

In my heart, I respects Hiro's way of thinking and LDH Japan's working philosophy, it's a great opportunity for me to learn together with 2 groups, also learn the spirit of caring ENTERTAINMENT business from an organization that support ​​arts, brotherhood and family. if i can choose, I want to grow up to be a big brother who can take care everyone like Hiro. Because nothing in the world is more important than a word "family".

Image: F.Hero

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