KEIICHIROSENSE S/S2023 in Tokyo collection

On the first day of Tokyo fashion week, KEIICHIROSENSE by designer Keiichiro Yuri released SS2023 collection in Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO with a concept "a passion never experience before", reinterpreted the Japanese traditional things with designer's iconic styles.

Designer Keiichiro Yuri started his career as a bag designer for more 10 years. He saw the declining of Japanese traditional things and wanted to share its value through the bag. It became an idea to launch his brand label KEIICHIROSENSE, to express the sense of Japanese traditional things such as traditional technique and textile with his iconic style. The brand received many awards outside Japan and collaborated with many brands include RYNSHU.

The unplugged power suit, a lightweight artificial muscle suit that support the body movement, co-developed by Daiya Kogyo company and KEIICHIROSENSE, one of the futuristic look from KEIICHIROSENSE SS2023 

Image: inStyle Asia 

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