Upcoming seasonal items from Tokyo's hit street brands in Sakas PR's Press Preview (part 1)

Take a look at the upcoming seasonal items from the hit street brand from Tokyo in Sakas PR Press Preview Autumn Winter 2022 Highlights. 

(1) 9090 from Yutori, no.1 used clothes digital "street" media. (Model: Ryuma)

9090, a hit streetwear brand developed by Yutori, Japan's no. 1 used clothes digital "street" media. Based on a concept of "Unobtrusive impertinence", to create the designs and colorful items that revive the youth culture from 90's.

Website: https://9090s.store/

(2) Vein by designer Koki Enomoto (model: Sota Yamagami)

VEIN just released its Spring Summer 2023 collection at Yoyogi National Gymnasium Tokyo in July 2022. Its new items are rich with many adjustable details such as three-dimensional zipper and drawcords, its design based on structural expressionism, released under the theme "INFORMEL", inspired by Jean Fautrier, a French artist in World war 2nd who is known from his French style abstract paintings. 

(3) Attachment by designer Koki Enomoto (model: Cyane)

ATTACHMENT just launched Spring and Summer collection 2023 with a theme "HORIZON", The inspiration behind the collection came from "Agnes Martin", a Canadian-born American abstract painter who was active in last century, presented by more 40 international models at Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo.

(4)  VALAADO by designer Mikihiro Owaki (model:i Gei-Yong)

VALAADO, a men's apparel brand by designer Mikihiro Owaki, released the new items with the beauty of silhouettes design and made of selected refined materials.

Website: https://valaado.com/

(5) LAD MUSICIAN by designer Yuichi Kuroda (model: Alan Miura)

LAD MUSICIAN is tailored with a concept "Fusion of the music and clothes", inspiration of the sound which is combined into the clothes. The lines throughout the coat are straight, minimal with the sense of music. Established since 1995 with the flagship stores in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka, include online store.

(6) APOCRYPHA TOKYO by designer Reiji Harimoto (model: Yoshiharu)

APOCRYPHA TOKYO is derived from the Greek language which means "hidden". In order to understand the trend and main culture in fashion, it's important to know "APOCRYPHA", the hidden tales behind the main story.

Website: https://apocrypha-tokyo.com/

(7) HIZUME by Paris-based Japanese designer Nobuki Hizume. He graduated from BUNKA FASHION COLLEGE with honors in 2004. After various collaborations with haute-couture brands in Paris, he launched his own hat brand “HIZUME“ in 2019. In May 2019, he was awarded with the prestigious title of “ MEILLEUR OUVRIER DE FRANCE “ in modiste category as very first Japanese. (Model: Leon Miura)

Found in 2002 by Hisashi Fukatami who creates the clothes with a beautiful aesthetic sense to gain power like "meat" that all people need to live and make us stronger. By the definition of "Diet + Butcher", pursues a design that awaken your hidden power and makes your everyday special. (Model: Yuto Kubota)

Image by inStyle Asia 
Sakas PR website: https://sakaspr.jp/

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