Wong Kar-Wai's newest work "Blossoms Shanghai" premiere soon

After long waiting since "The Grandmaster (Ip Man)", his last film released in 2013, "Blossoms Shanghai" by Wong Kar-Wai is planned to streaming this year.

The story is adapted from an award-winning novel "Blossoms" by Jin Yu-Cheng and Oscar Award winning Peter Pau (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) is announced as cinematographer.

Set the backdrop in Shanghai when the west-turned-city facing the changes during the Cultural Revolution in 60s and transforming into a world financial hub in 90s, depicts by three men from different backgrounds, starring by Hu Ge, Tiffany Tang, Ma Yi-li, Lei Jia-Yin, Xin Zhi-Lei.

Giorgio Armani global brand ambassador Hu Ge, the leading man of the series is known well.among international audiences from "The Wild Goose Lake" which is premiered in Cannes Film Festival. Hu also appears in a romance film Shunji Iwai's Last Letter.

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