Gordon Maeda takes a big role in "Lightning Over The Beyond"

Progressing from sound to colour, "Lighting Over the Beyond" (彼方の閃光, Kanata no Senkō) is a road movie that traces the roots of cinema and the history of war while asking "What is war?" and "What is an enemy?".

A latest work by director Yoshihiro Hanno who are known as an international musician/composer for many films such as Hou Hsaio-Hsien's Flowers of Shanghai and collaborated with leading Asian directors such as Jia Zhang-ke, Yu Lik Wai etc.  Lightning Over the Beyond make its world premiere at Tokyo International Film Festival 2022, starring by Maeda Gordon (Arata Mackenyu's brother and son of martial artist Sonny Chiba), Ikeuchi Hiroyuki , Awich, Shogen, Kato Masaya, Ito Masayuki and more.

Following the story of Hikari Ikuta (Gordon Maeda), a colour blind painting artist who make a trip as a solo traveler to Okinawa when he was 20s. The vision of Revolution inspired him finding the meaning of existing in the world under the "blue" sky. The painful memories from the war are hidden intentionally from past to the future. Until he met Tomobe (Ikeuchi Hiroyuki) in Nagasaki who might change his life. 

As a color blind so his vision is only black and white like we are looking from what he saw in the film. There are many interesting points which make this film different from other works in the same genre. Gordon Maeda takes the role as a homosexual artist for the first times. Director Yoshihiro Hanno captured the sense of humanity which is hidden deep inside each characters' mind and together discovered the meaning of peace and war. You don't have to agree with them but you can find its meaning by your own. 

Okinawa-born actor Shogen appears as a tourist guide who shared them many untold memories through the actual sites during Hikari Ikuta traveling deeper than anyone else in Okinawa. 

The Okinawan identities is interestingly mentioned after American dominated and Japan continuely westernised the island after returned to mainland in 1972, marks 50 years anniversary this year.

Actor Gordon Maeda wears Emporio Armani during stepping on the Red Carpet in Tokyo

Before make it world premiere in Tokyo, on 24 October 2022, Gordon Maeda, a lead actor wears Emporio Armani tuxido on the Red Carpet and Opening Ceremony. Awich also appears in a Dior dress, as well as Ikeuchi Hiroyuki, Shogen and Kato Masaya. 

Okinawa-born actor Shogen stuns in black shirt and red jacket in Tokyo International Film Festival 
Actor Ikeuchi Hiroyuki, one of the lead actors attends the Opening Ceremony

Okinawa -born rapper Awich appears as an actress for her first film at the Red Carpet 
Director Yoshihiro Hanno comes along with the lead actors at the Red Carpet event in Tokyo 

Actor Kato Masaya takes the role of Hikari Ikuta in the old age, stuns on the Red Carpet

Lightning Over the Beyond Official website: https://kanatanosenko.com/

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