Tokyo -based “HEōS” first presented its autumn/winter 2023 on the runway at Omotesando Hills in Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO on 15 March 2023.

HEōS is established in 2021 by designer Shoma Akatsukigawa who came from China. He has experience from many  major apparel companies and helped presented their collections regularly in Paris. This season, he thinks about the environmental pollution in his home country by mainly using black, red and white color, tailored with lightweight materials like silk and cotton. 

The purple lights on the runway is inspired by a Chinese idiom "紫気東来"(zǐ qì dōng lái or Shiki-Tōrai) which means "The Purple Air comes from the East" or the good luck will come at the end with the auspicious meaning and mysterious atmosphere. The purple color also related to emperor in the ancient days.

Official page: HEōS 

Photo: InStyle Asia

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