KCON JAPAN 2023 is held at Makuhari Messe for 3 days on mid-May 2023. "Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC)”, one of the largest fashion show events in Japan presented “KCON JAPAN 2023 × TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION” for the first times.

After debuted on January this year, all 8 members from K-POP group 8TURN appeared on the KCON Stage in Japan. It's first time to see them all as fashion models on runway show.

8turn is one of the hottest K-POP boys group formed by MNH entertainment. The group consists of 8 members, made their official debut in Seoul on January 2023. It's first times all members came to meet international fans at K-CON Japan, one of the world largest K-POP music festivals in Japan. 

8TURN's Jae-yoon pairs an iconic gendeless pearl necklace with a light green T-Shirt with a stylish hat by new balance with a chino pants from dickies for ABC Mart x new Balance Special Stage.

8TURN's MYUNGHO pairs a New Balance logo T-Shirt with a Bohemian style beads necklace for ABC Mart x new Balance Special Stage.

8TURN's KYUNMIN pairs a printed T-Shirt with Dickies's denim pants for ABC Mart x new Balance Special Stage.

8turn's Haemin (해민) represents ABC-MART x New Balance SPECIAL STAGE.

Japanese Actor Keito Tsuna, one of the 7 members of 8loom in a hit Japanese drama "I Will Be Your Bloom" (Kimi No Hana Ni Naru/君の花になる) presents "WE GO" with the theme Y2 "K".

Nalu Okubo, a member of DXTEEN boys group looks pretty cool on the runway. It's very first times for TGC to collaborate and present the special collections at KCON JAPAN.

Photo/text: inStyle Asia

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