Millie Bobby Brown talks about Her Most Popular Series in Osaka comic con 2023

Millie Bobby Brown, one of the renowned actress attended the Osaka Comic Con 2023 on 5 May 2023 at intex Osaka, first times for comic con outside Tokyo. She looks so delightful in a vivid red dress by UK-based designer's brand "Annie's Ibiza" and cowboy boots.

Once she appeared on the stage and make a big surprise to all fans by saying "Hai Konnichiwa" (Good Day). And then the audience asked her several questions.

Question: "Strangers Thing" is very popular around the world, what is the secret or reason behind it?

Millie Brown: I think the show can speak to wide range of audiences, may be in the 18s, my parents loved it, the kids be in it and the kids loved it. The teenagers loved the pop story, so they loved it. I think it's such a part of people which it can be related to, that is the special for "Stranger Things" 

Question: we love your costume yesterday and today, did you chose by your own?

Millie Brown: Yes, when i think about my fitting. Ummm... I'm thinking what should i wear in Osaka, i wanna wear the bright red for Japan and it better to fit with the cowboy boots, so you guys got the special outfits this times. 

Question: What food or what is your impression in Japan?

Millie Brown: well, other than the amazing fans, everyone come to visit me, taking photos, autograph, you devoted your energies, it was unlike the other fans across the globe, i was honoured to be here, this experience alone can stand out for my favourite memories all time in my life.

Question: I loved Enola Holmes, especially the dancing scene, there it any inside stories you can share and another question, did you get any troubles with Jake (her boyfriend)?

Millie Brown: Gosh, no. It was really hard as i do not have skill about dance but Louis Partridge can do this part well so it was really hard for me to learn about to live and dance. it was really hard as you had the 5 pages dialogue and you had to do a lot of things.

Talk about Jake, he doesn't care. No matter what i do, he is an actor he understand. It's very easy and Louis Partridge doesn't care either as we're very old friend.

Question: We are all big fans of you, Millie. Is it possible to find the hellfire club?

Millie Brown: I don't know what i do, i made the club on internet and it's really a club.

Question: I'm big fans of Stranger Things and also watched your Instagram. What the co-stars means to you?

Millie Brown: You knew you are growing up in movie set, you are co-star with people who working with you everyday, other than crews, the crews become your family who do your hair and make up, the people who make sure you sound good. Those people you are actually born with. I didn't go to school so i was in Stranger Things school basically.  They are my school buddy and make me a lot of happiness. It was so amazing . You will find the borderly of the crews who making something together from season 1 to season 4 since i was 10 years old. I'm being with people who are watching you grow. 

Question: about the new film of Gozilla franchise?

Millie Brown: i did for two films (Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Godzilla vs. Kong). It was amazing and wonderful films. Then, I worked for enola Holmes, Stranger Things, so Gozilla may come to the end but i never say "no" to join again absolutely.

Question: Do you have any plan when to get marry or where it would be?

Millie Brown: Japan, may be, and when? I still don't know. But it's perfect if Jake are there.

Question: Stranger Things season 5 is filming currently and it could be the last season, How exciting are you for season 5?

Millie Brown: I'm really excited to finish character "Eleven" and begin my new chapter. It was really part of my life. It's sad to say goodbye everyone but all good things must from to the end. 

Question: What is the most difficult scene you had experienced?

Millie BrownThe scene in Stranger Things season 4 when Eleven striking Angela with a roller skate, she gets bullied and ran out. That is really hard for me to film. Mostly you have to cry all the time and do all things. I would say that scene is the most difficult to do.

On April 2023, the stranger Things actress just announced a surprise news about her engagement with Jake Bongiovi, Bon Jovi's son. 

While she talking on the stage, she formed her hands in heart shape, attracted everyone's eyes to see her beautiful cartier engagement ring. Actually, Jake Bobgiovani, her fiancée also sit at the front row to see her talking. it was so romantic.

After its success in Tokyo, Osaka Comic Con 2023 was first held at intex Osaka between 5-7 May 2023. On the opening ceremony, there were more 3,500 guests inside the stage hall. Tokyo comic con 2023 will be held on 8-10 December 2023 at Makuhari messe.

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