BED j.w. FORD s/s 2024 in Paris Fashion Week

After debuted at "ASO", a Paris cafe-like restaurant in Tokyo last February, BED f.w. FORD by designer Shinpei Yamagishi released its s/s2024 with a theme "Refrain" in Paris Fashion Week on 25th June 2023.

The first look with a long coat swaying and appearing strikingly, remind us the season has just changed, is one of the conceptual theme of BED j.w.FORD s/s2024. 

The rebellion against the tradition reflect on the glittering fabrics, camouflage patterns and smoky color palettes that shows the vagueness from dark until dawn. Highlighted items such as tank tops and trunks were styled together with high-end silk coats and suits. 

Designer Yamagishi also put the femininity details and silhouette into menswear like a Parisien style tailored black coat trimmed with golden chains or a charming light purple coat. This times, BED j.w. FORD redefine the sex appeal, or the allurement as “an alternative elegance of the present which is evoked above the reality" for upcoming Spring and Summer.

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